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  1. Hi Laura, Thank you for replying. Communicating like this is all new to me. I will take a look at these sites. I'll get back to you a little later. Barbara
  2. This is my first time in any of these sites so please bear with me. My brother is a 55 years old and lives in Prattville, Alabama. He started being sick last January and has since had his gallbladder removed (which he did have stones) but continued to have problems with severe diarrhea and sick to his stomach. He has been in and out of hospitals, has lost more than 100 lbs. His height and weight prior to all this was 6'3 and weight was approx. 260 lbs. He has been diagnoses with Celiac Sprue and/or possibly AIE. He currently is in UAB, Birmingham, AL. Was admitted a month ago because he was very jauntice. After tests and biopsies, they found his liver to have fatty substance due to malnutrition. He has not been able to consume food without getting sick or having diarrhea, which means his body is not absorbing any nurishments. They put him on what is called TPN, that they basically give as a last resort. This TPM is given in IV for with all different formula of protein and nutrients. From what I have learned in researching this disease, not all doctors know about it. I have much respect for the doctors that have been seeing my brother, but at the present moment they are Liver specialist. He needs to move on to someone with knowlege in Celiac and digestive areas. The problem is that the doctors don't seem to know how to treat him. They try to treat the symptoms but have not addressed the disease. We are desperately seeking for any doctor, who has experience with patients with Celiac Sprue Disease. My brother is very very critical. I would like to have him come to the NY area, where I have research a Dr. Peter Green out of Columbia Presbyterian Hosptial. But in order to make any connection here I need to get him stronger for any kind of travel. Please, please, if you can at all help me find a doctor in the Prattville, Montgomery, Birmingham area of Alabama I would be so grateful. Thank you BarbaraNJ I myself have been diagnosed with IBS 15 years ago and have my ups and downs with stomach problems. After all the reading on this subject, I too question whether I have been missed diagnosed.
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