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    Being a mother, grandmother and part-time teacher, church and Christian music! Hobbies are scrapbooking and developing materials for my classroom. I also enjoy cooking. This is a blessing as I have Celiac Disease, Divrticulitus and other food allergies.
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I think that there is a link too. Once you have gone gluten free, I think it is hard to maintain the right level of fiber in your diet. I think more should be studied on this and how a celiac can get the right balance of fiber. I am eating the Celiac diet and now am doing my best to also eat the diverticulitus diet as well. There is so much mixed information out that that conflicts on what you can eat if you have diverticulitus. I wish there was a combined resource for both diets out there. Hope eating gluten free has been going well for you. Did you get your blood test back? God bless, Paulette
  3. Hi Deb, Do you a website or could you recommend or a book that would give me the details of the diet for diverticulitus. The Celiac Diet I have been managing for year. Maybe managing too well, as I even began to gain weight. I have tried to research but there is just so much conflicting info. Give my best to your Dad. Thank you, Paulette
  4. Hi Kristine, I have Celiac Disease and have been told they believe I have diverticulitus too now. Could you please tell me how they confirmed you had diverticulitus? Could also please tell me where I could read about the diet for Diverticulitus. The Celiac diet I have learned well over the years but am new to the diverticulitus. I wondered if it was common to have this combination. I felt like I had gone back to before they discovered I had Celiac Disease. Sick to my stomach, fevers, swollen stomach, a lot of strong abdominal pain (it could wake me while I was sleeping etc), poor sleep, stron fatigue and the only time my bowels seem normal was when I was on antibiotics. I checked everything to be sure I wasn't getting a hidden source of gluten and I wasn't. My doctor, told me that he felt I had diverticulitus and put me on strong anitbiotics -- two rounds. I am waiting to be able to get in for a CT. It has been 7 weeks since they sent in my referral for the CT. I felt much better for about a month and a half but now am slipping back. I was wondering if I could be eating something that I shouldn't be. I have cut out nuts, popcorn, peelings and seeds. I don't know if there is anything else I need to avoid. Can you eat blueberries. You input would be great. If you can, please email me Thank you. Paulette
  5. I am sorry to hear that your Mom is going through so much. She is so blessed to have you to help help her. In regard to the taste in her metallic taste she is experiencing. I have taken Cipro two strong rounds of it because they felt I had an infection in my stomach due to the diverticulitus. It left non taste in my mouth. I did however have a friend who quit smoking and the taste she experienced in her mouth for awhile was really strong. Our guess was that her body was detoxing from smoking. I know when I have gone through period of no appetite that I have juiced or blended things and drank them. Even when I didn't feel like eating I could drink. My main stay was homemade chicken soup. I guess my son and I have both gone through periods of time when we have lived on that along with taking our vitamin supplements. May you and your Mom have the strength to deal with this day by day. God bless, Paulette
  6. What age were you diagnosed with celiac's/gluten intolerance? 43 What were your most common symptoms? Migraines, Going between Constipation & Diarreah nausea, dizziness, weight loss, brain fog, fatigue, fever, flu-like symptoms, joint & bone pain, abdominal swelling accompanied by strong pains at times strong pains. What are your symptoms when you eat gluten now?Diarreah, nausea, brain fog, fatigue, abdominal swelling with strong pains. It takes me awhile to recover to. I feel this is because my immune system has been weakened by years of misdiagnosis. Do you consider yourself more sensitive to gluten now that you try to avoid it? No, I am just more aware of what symptoms it ingesting gluten causes, because they cleared up when I went gluten free. Did you or your doctor come up with the celiacs/gluten intolerance diagnosis? I was told I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, acid reflux and fibro. Each time I went a new diagnosis would be added with more medications to take. Finally I went to an allergist and his dietician said she felt she knew what was wrong with me and told me I had Celiac Sprue and to eat gluten free and I would feel better. It changed my life! I had been to a GI specialist and my biopsy was negative. I could not go back to eating gluten to be retest through blood work or another biopsy. It just makes me too ill. I just count my blessings that this seasoned dietician (in her 70's and still working!) saved my life. Do you have any other food allergies/intolerances? Yes If yes what? latex, dust, molds, tree mix as for the foods - it was hard to get an accurate skin test because of the rash I had on my arms from the undiagnosed Celiac Disease at the time. I need to go back again. I have a hard time digesting dairy and now have been diagnosed with diverticulitus. Does anyone else in your family have celiacs/gluten intolerance? Yes, my son. His blood test was negative but his biopsy was positive and showed damaged villa. I suspect my daughter, as she never grew. She is an adult and is 4'9" and her sinuses never fully developed. She has had a negative blood test but has not been for the biopsy. My grandmother could not even handle flour in her hands. She had to wear gloves when she did baking and extremely swollen abdomen. My other grandmother also had many of the celiac symptoms. I suspect my brother's daughter as she has many of the symptoms too. Do you consider the world celiac/gluten free friendly? It is making progress. Explain. When I was first diagnosed people hadn't really heard of it. Today they are coming to me saying, I read an article about what you had. There are a lot of good foods available today. Restaurants need to get with the program though. It is very difficult to go out to eat. When it makes you as sick as it does a lot of we Celiacs, it just isn't worth the chance. Do you think we need better food labelling laws? We have made gains, but more are needed. Explain. Some companies are great about sharing what products are gluten free and others just want to read you a form letter when you inquire. Some don't even want to deal with the question and have been down right rude. For us, it isn't a choice -- we need to know to be safe. I think a package should specifically say GLUTEN FREE on it if it is. That way there would be no question. It is so time consuming to read every label. I think the top 8 allergens is a good beginning but there needs to be more to keep others safe too. Does the world in your opinion need to be more educated about celiacs and gluten? More education on this topic is needed. The more awareness there is, the safer we will be. We want to be able to live life as normally as possible and awareness will help. They need to know that it isn't a voluntary life style we have chosen. It is necessary for us to live safe, productive lives. Hope this helps you with your project. Jpmat
  7. Karen, I am sorry to hear that your Mom has been so sick. She certainly is blessed to have you to accompany her for her appointments. I am with you in that my family is so important to me. We all try to be there for each other. I pray that she finds some answers when she goes for the colonoscopy with her GI doc. When you think of your grandfather we are blessed that we know what we do today. I wish my grandmother had know about Celiac disease too. Actually my grandmother on my Dad's side had trouble too. I can remember that we would compare notes. neither of us knew about Celiac Disease at the time but we had each other to talk to. I believe she had it too. I guess in reality I feel it comes from both sides of my family. Thank you for your welcome. I pray your Mom gets some much needed answers too. I am sorry to hear that your grandmother has recently passed away. I know what a significant loss that can be in your life. Both of my grandmothers are now gone and I was truly blessed to have them as part of my life. Thank you for your heartfelt response.
  8. Before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I had this and it accompained migraine headaches. I just had to lie perfectly still with the shades drawn. A lot of nausea accompanied these migraines too. Mirgraines were a regular part of my life until I started the Celiac Diet. I often use to see floaters in advance of coming down with the mirgraine. Sometimes I also experienced blurred vision too - it looked like I was looking through the heat that rises off the road during the summer. This strange vision particularly occured during my pregancy. I am so pleased to say that a migraine or even headaches are rare now that I am on the gluten free diet.
  9. Sorry to hear that she is so ill. Hopefully the postings here can help her too. I wish I could be of more help to you. I was put on a strong course of antibiotics for almost 28 days. This got my infection under control. Next was the basic elimination of things I new and some I had already done. I had already eliminated popcorn, peelings, some seeds like flax seed and I had changed to eating seedless jams Nuts was a new elimination and I am trying to learn what I can here. I have tried searches but the info was so conflicting. I wish somehow I could help her too. Thank you so much for taking time to post.
  10. My son and I both have Celiac Disease. It affected us oppositely. I lost weight before being diagnosed and gained weight after I started the celiac disease diet. My son lost around 100 pounds within the 8 months, after starting the Celiac Diet. We could never understand why he always was over weight as a child, as he didn't eat enough to be the weight he was. Celiac Disease was the answer! Unfortunately I was in my early 40's when they figured out I had it and he was in his early twenties. Hope this helps Jpmat
  11. Hi Laura, I am very thankful for the people who have responded. I have indeed done searches on amazon but don't know how to choose which book is a good resource. It would be great if I could find someone who has Diverticulitis who could recommend a book. The newest publication I found was from 2001. I would think there would be a newer publications. Google and yahoo searches have proved interesting but again, I have no way to filter the information I am finding and a lot of it is conflicting info. A lot of the info I come across is someone just trying to sell a product too. My doctor is a wonderful doctor. He has helped me through dealing with the many aspects of my latex allergy (which I one point made it so I couldn't work-I am pleased to say that I am able to work part time now), Celiac Disease and he is the one who put it all together and told me my symptoms and their relation to Diverticulitis. He isn't afraid to sent me on to a specialist as needed either. He has been great in helping with dealing with things naturally too, as most medications don't seem to agree with me. Being a Celiac, I had had to drastically change my diet and try to find creative methods to get the right balance of nutrition. Unfortunately, one thing I was eating about 3 days a week was a nut bar with dried fruit in it. I thought this would be a great snack to carry me over to lunch while I was teaching. The other thing I ate almost everyday was a handful of almonds, as they also have a lot of health benefits. Of course I loved salted peanuts on my icecream as a treat too! Ok, let's just say that I was nut crazy as it was always an easy snack to mix with my homemade trail mix too. The Lord certainly have provided every step of the way and I know He will continue to this. I have met some wonderful people on this journery including the nice people here. Thank you
  12. Your post was so interesting, as I am not sure which came first. They were just diagnosed in celiac disease first and the Divertic last. I remember what I would consider my first signs of having Celiac Disease. I was always sick to my stomach as a child. My Mom was a wonderful mother who always tried to cook me a nutrious breakfast (oatmeal, ralstons etc.) and she made wonderful homemade bread. Trying to eat breakfast was a challange and often made me feel worse. I had trouble with my bowels from constipations to bouts of loss bowels and they were of unique consistency at times. Sometimes I wonder if I developed Diverticuli because of the lack of fiber in my Celiac Diet. I have other allergies as well so it was really time to be creative in the kitchen. It was kind of like learning to cook all over again. My signs of diverticulitis were naseau, fever(from infection), pain strong enough to wake me from a sound sleep and it seemed the only time my bowels were normal was when I had been on antibiotics. It was almost like before they figured out I had Celiac Disease. I had cut out popcorn, whole kernal corn and some seeds like flax seed (on my own) because I new they bothered me but I never put it all together. The swelling got so much that it affected my a sciatic nerve that goes down my leg. I kept thinking that I must have gotten an unknown source of gluten. My doctor is great and he immediately put two and two together. I have cut out what I am aware of like nuts. I decided I could get their flavor if I used almond flour etc. Can you eat blueberries and the seeds in cucumbers etc. I have so much to learn. I have just cut out every seed to be safe until I can find out more info. Thank you for your time, Jpmat Dear DrMom, I just love your name! You are blessed not to have any additional symptoms. I guess I am blessed that I did, as it was making me so sick. The off and on fevers and pain and constant nausea were what really got to me. I ususally do well dealing with pain but this would wake me up from asound sleep. Kind of like labor pains, they just took my breath away. Do you have any tips on what NOT to eat or could recommend a book to read for the Diverticulitus? Thank you for your time. Jpmat Thank you for your welcomes! Being welcomed is a help. It is hard to open yourself up, but it certainly makes it easier when you feel welcome. Thanks, Jpmat
  13. Kbtoyssni, I was in my early 40's when I found out I had Celiac Disease. My son was in his early 20's, thanks to knowing I had the diesease, we knew what to look for when it came to my son. I suspect my grandmother had Celiac Disease, but diagnosis wasn't really dealt with much at all then. Bless her heart, she had to wear gloves to cook with flour (like when baking bread) and her stomach was so swollen. I lost weight (one time 12 pounds in two weeks) yet my stomach was really swollen. I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. My son was the opposite of me, as it blew my son up all over. When he went on the Celiac Diet, he lost 90 pounds in year. When he was diagnosed I knew how to cook gluten free well, so his weight loss wasn't from lack of good food. If your grandmother has any info on what restricts to follow on the Diverticulitus Diet, I would greatly appreciate her input. Thanks, Jpmat
  14. Angie, Thank you for your response. My son (who is now 25) and I both have Celiac Disease. Would your Mom, now of a good resource to help me with the diverticulitis diet. I have tried to research but keep finding so many mixed results. It would be nice to know what I must restrict. Sincere thanks, Jpmat
  15. Thank you Laura for the welcome. It is encouraging and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time. Paulette
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