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  1. I've been gluten free for about 3 years now. I had severe digestive issues for over 20 years, mainly diahreaha (sp?), had NUMEROUS colonoscopy's with no results, always a diag of irritable bowel with no reason why. I lived on immodium for the whole time, kept it in my purse, took it regularly. Finally, I went to a doctor who did an upper GI, and he discovered significant damage in my small instestine that was consistent with celiac disease. I brought the pics from the endo home, goes from bright pink pics, to black, the interior of my intestines is so damaged, it went from a healthy pink to a not healthy black. At this point, I was given a bone scan, yep, I have osteopenia, beginning of ostesperosis....at 40! I'm slim, have never been considered overweight, and I'm in the beginning stages of osteoperosis because of this intolerance to gluten! That hit me harder than the gluten sensitivity news...this has actually caused long term damage! So, I'm gluten free and trying to get the word out. How many other people are out there like me, continuing to eat their turkey sandwich for lunch, thinking they are eating healthhy, only to be damaging their health? I've started contributing articles to Yahoo! Contriubtor Network, a few of them are on gluten intolerance. Please check out my articles http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1017420/mary_ann_monnin.html , and I'm not visititng here just to promote my content....in EVERY ONE of my articles on eating gluten free, I put a link to celiac.com, I feel this is a site we all need so much and gives us all a WEALTH of information! I'm just trying to get the word out to others who may be sufferin and not realize if they cut gluten out of their diet, they may find relief! I'm just trying to help spread the word!
  2. Hi! What part of Dallas are you in? There's a restaurant called Laura's Bistro in a market called Delicious-N-Fit, which is in Plano. The WHOLE restaurant is Gluten Free, and they have a GREAT chocolate cake. They also sell glutten free cooking necessities. If you're in the area, it's on the Northeast corner of Alma and Parker. Mary Ann
  3. Thanks! I think I've decided to make the original for my family, and make another dressing for myself. I've seen a few receipes on here that sound good...hopefully the family will try them and at Christmas I can just make gluten free .
  4. I make my grandmother's cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving and can substitute the white bread, make the cornbread gluten-free, but what about the Pepperidge Farm Stuffing?? I know when she made it 70 years ago she used an alternative, what should I use??? I realize it's basicaly seasoned croutons......any suggestions??
  5. Dad's side: German & Irish Mom's side: English, French, Scottish My GI asked my "heritage" during the first 5 min of our conversation about my symptoms.
  6. I'm 40 years old, just went gluten free a month ago after 20 years of problems. Had a bone density scan today, I have osteopenia. I have been given Boniva and told to take calcium. I'm concerned that i"m not absorbing the calcium yet since I'm so recent on the diet. I too am hoping to reverse or AT LEAST slow the bone thinning.......
  7. Great, one more wonderful side affect from this lovely condition. I am only 40 years old!!! Both drs., the OB/GYN that gave me the test, and later my GI dr. found it very disconcecrting that I was at this point at such a young age. I have been put on Boniva and told to take mega doses of Calcium. I've been gluten free for about a month but am wondering.....am I going to absorb the calcium now????? Anyone else deal with this and reverse it?? OB/GYN says we'll do this and repeat the test in 2 years and see how my bones look then.
  8. I had the biopsy 3 weeks ago, and like has been said....it's a breeze. colonoscopy, I've had as well.....NOT a breeze for the preperation, the test itself was fine, they put you out. Having said that....... I had been very sick with the Big D for over 6 months during this "flare up" (I've had the Big D for 20 years!). My biopsies came back negative, yet what the dr SAW was "atrophy consistent with celiac", I actually have the pictures and it looks EXACTLY like what I saw on the entrolab site, there is a slide on their site showing damage from celiac. This, combined with the fact that after seeing the pictures, I went gluten free and have been D free since......I have my answer! So, don't expect the biopsy to tell you anything. Even my dr. said that with my progress on the diet, it definitley shows I am gluten intolerant. With the Entrolab results, and a successful run on the diet, I don't think I would need more. I am now considering doing the entrolab myself just to see if I have any other intolerances. Either way you decide.....good luck!!!!!
  9. Yep.....the Dallas area. The tummy has calmed down some, not right yet, but better Thanks!!!!!! The more I think about it....I use that pan for my DD grilled cheese sandwiches. Guess it's time to throw it out. I do have a new set of Saladmaster cookware that has not been contaminated, I'll just start using those exclusively. I'll cut out the dairy and see how it goes.......All the talk about make up has me concerned about my lipstick. I use Bare Essencials, does that have gluten?? I'd like to do the Entrolab (SP?) but am in conflict with the husband about it. He just thinks: cut out the gluten and that's that. Until seeing my endoscope pics, he really didn't take me too seriously about the pain, knew I had the Big D all the time, but I think he thought it was "my nerves". thanks again everyone!!
  10. Oh great, this just really sucks! I made the omlette in a teflon pan I've had awhile, have basically used it to cook eggs and not much else. I also had enchiladas the night before that I made by a recipe in a gluten free cookbook I just got.....more cheese. I also love yogurt! OK, so I'll cut out the dairy and see how that goes I also think the foot pain is related. makes sense about inflamation, that's what the pain is from........ I can't thank you all enough!! This is so hard to figure out and without this forum, I'd REALLY be lost!!!
  11. This morning, I had a cheese omlet (dairy has not been a problem for me). A few hours later, I snuck a snack size bag of M&Ms from a stash my son had. About 1 1/2 hours after that, my stomach started hurting and cramping. This is the first time since I've been gluten free that I've had those symptoms. I've been gluten free for about 3 weeks and feeling great. My stomach still hurts, it never got severe like before, and I didn't have the Big D, just cramps. Also, I have a bunion which I received a cortisone shot for last week....it has felt fine since then, until today....it started hurting again. Could that be related to gluten?? Could I have gotten glutened from the M&Ms??
  12. I'd like to thank you all for replying. I have decided to not go further with testing. And, yes, since seeing the pictures of my endoscope, my DH is understanding......before that........ I'll be posting more as I continue to cope with this.........
  13. OK, newbie here.......I had a biopsy 2 weeks ago, the pictures of my duedoem (SP?) showed atrophy consistent with celiac disease. When I got home and saw the picture...it was so gross....I cut out all gluten immediately. I had been suffering w/D for a long time. It immediately cleared up. A week later, my biopsies came back normal. I continued the gluten free and continued to feel better. Went to dr. today, he wants to now have me do another test....swallow a camera....to verify if it's celiac....as well as do the blood test, which I haven't had done. I ask, what is the benefit to me, I know the diet is making me feel better. He says, well that other diseases can result from celiac, it's better for me to know one way or the other if I should be on the lookout for the other diseases. My husband and I are thinking, go gluten for another 2 weeks, spend half the day in the bathroom and in pain, spend more money at the doctor, to then go back on the diet??!! Is there really any benefit for me to know for sure one way or another?? I really have not had a hard time on the diet so far b/c it has made such a drastic difference in how I feel........Thanks in advance for any advice!
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