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  1. Thanks for replying. I have a copy of the medical chart.. and it only says IgA 0.8.. I’m not sure if it’s maybe a summary of the actual results. It includes my other bloods for haemoglobin etc i’ll maybe just need to ask next week and fingers crossed that they know what they are talking about !!
  2. Hello all I am trying to understand my coeliac screening results and wonder if anyone here can help me. (I live in Scotland, not sure if this makes a difference). I received my blood results with a note from doctor to say, “normal results”. My blood results say- IgA result 0.80 g/L (Normal range 0.65-4.21). I am not sure if this means they have undertaken the TTG test, there is no indication as to whether they have checked anything else so I am also not clear if they have ruled out in IgA deficiency. I have symptoms consistent with coeliac disease- mainly GO
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