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    anything about celiac and gluten intollerance including new recipes and products.
  1. I've been really stressed out since going on my gluten free diet because I couldn't eat or drink some of my favorites. I'm not a heavy drinker, but when you can't have something you love it just makes you want it that much more. I've been trying to get gluten free beer here in East Texas since the hot summer days when the temps were near 110. I just talked to the managers at both the Kilgore Texas Brookshires, and the Gladewater Texas Brookshires. They will have gluten free beer onhand within a week. Isn't that great?!! If you need to know where Kilgore and Gladewater are just let me know. Happy Glutenfree, Suzie
  2. I'm not sure if my last comment went through, so I decided to write you a quick reply. I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren (plus myself) who have sent stool specimans to Enterolab. They are a very professional lab and we were all pleased with their help in diagnosing our Celiac/Gluten Intollerance. I disagree with others who state to go ahead and put your daughter on the diet before doing the test. If you remove the allergens from her body then the tests won't be as accurate. All the replies you have received sound very good. Good luck and let me know what you decide to do.
  3. For all those Texans who had to give up beer to go on the gluten free diet I have some good news. I just found out today that Brookshires in Gladewater Texas and Brookshires in Kilgore Texas will have gluten free beer in their grocery stores. I found this out from the managers of each store personally. I don't drink that much but the thought of giving up a cold beer on a hot summer day was really depressing. I had gone to St. Louis Mo. last week and brought home a couple of cases, then started working on trying to get someone here in Texas to start selling it. I'd wait a couple of days before trying to purchase it from them as they said it would be there within a week.
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