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  1. interested in your intestinal permeability results. A friend of mine has the same - malabsorption due to decreased and not increased permeability.

  2. I am in a little town called Picton--it's close to Belleville and Trenton or about 2 hours from Ottawa and Toronto. I think I have had the worst couple of nights of my life the last 2 days. I wake up nauseous, hot and cold sweats, stomach cramps/pain, burning across whole abdomen, dizzy and the only things I ate were handful of cereal, grilled cheese, a piece of plain bread and some chocolate chip mini cookies and drank gatorade yesterday. So that is why I think it is gluten related because everything I ate has some sort of gluten in it! It can't be gallbladder related because I had that removed a while ago. Has got me, my husband and the dr. puzzled! And is really making me depressed because I can barely function I am soooooooo darn tired. My kids are probably tired of seeing me lay on the couch sick all the time. I am thinking of having the full test done in Kingston when I take my daughter for her appointment in Nov. as they do it for free (I find this out after I paid $90 to be tested here--and not even the full panel!) ~Donna
  3. Would you happen to know the normal range for the bloodwork? My dr. said mine was normal at 17 and he said anything below 20 was normal (I keep reading anything below 10 is normal though)--I had the antigliadin test done. ~Donna
  4. I posted a couple weeks back wondering how long blood tests take...well I went to see my dr. today and I was told my bloodwork was negative for Celiac. He said something about my number was 17 and anything below 20 was normal. From what I read on here anything below 10 is normal??!! I am in Canada and I am assuming it is different here than the states? Anyone from Canada have the bloodwork done and what are the ranges? I was so sure it would be positive as I have almost every symptom possible! I am thinking of trying the gluten-free diet anyways to see if it helps. Are there any other diseases that would have all the celiac symptoms the same? I had my thyroid checked and it was normal. The only other thing I can think of is lactose intollerance. My dr. is telling me it is IBS--but I'm not buying that! ~Donna
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I guess I will just have to be patient until my dr. gets back from vacation. He seems to take more vacations than I change my underwear!! Sheesh! No I am not on the gluten free diet--although very tempted to start as something is making me horribly sick after eating it, just can't figure out what--either dairy or gluten. Terch--I am in Ontario and I hear ya about the endoscopy--took months to have mine done and the GI who did it--well lets just say, he was a bit of a moron. He took 1 biopsy of my stomach and that was it. I was told I had non-specific chronic gastritis. From what? Haven't a clue and he didn't know either. Still dealing with that. The same GI told me it was my Gallbladder causing my symptoms and removed it and well that was a mistake the symptoms are still here and worse than ever. I am almost hoping the celiac results come back positive--you all seem VERY knowledgable and kind and would be a great source of information! Been reading a bunch on this site--wow, the best site yet! I will try and post the results when I get them, and if positive will definately be back with a ton more questions LOL! Thanks again guys, ~Donna
  6. Hi All! This is my first post so if I am not doing this right then sorry! I just have a question about testing. I had the celiac blood test over 2 weeks ago--not sure which (the dr. had antigliadin or something similar written on the paper and the blood lady took 1 vile of blood) and I am wondering how long does it take to receive the results? I am a very impatient person when it comes to results! I called after 1 week, then 2 weeks (no results yet) and then again yesterday and the dr. is on vacation until the 10th of October! Does anyone know if I can call the place that took the blood and find out? (I am in Canada and had the blood taken through MDS). Also, would 1 vile of blood be enough for the celiac tests needed? I have been through a living nightmare with these symptoms (nausea, dizziness after eating, EXTREME fatigue, chronic gastritis, brain fog and many more) and testing to figure out what is wrong and would just like to be back to normal again--whatever that is?! Anywho, thanks for listening and sorry if this is too long! ~Donna
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