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  1. Hi Laura How odd. My post did not appear I posted the 1st post at 8.36am & did not repost until 2.26pm having checked the board 5 times and my 1st post was not there. Very strange? BTW I did click on my user name & the post was there, just not on the board (5 hours later?) As you can tell from my messgage I do not double post, but it really wasn't there. Do posts not get added immediately (maybe because the 1st post would have been posted in the middle of the night US time). The second post showed up immediately, & when I checked the forum later I saw my 1st post further down. I did try to delete the 1st post but couldn't Sorry. Kate
  2. Hi there, I posted this earlier & it appears to have vanished, so if I double post my apologies! I'm from the UK & we are visiting WDW in May (which appears to be coeliac heaven!). Just wondered if anyone could recommend some gluten-free breakfast cereal for an adult which isn't too sweet & is relatively healthy - can you get a gluten-free porridge type cereal (oatmeal but without the oats?). Also I'm a bit of a chocoholic & would love to know of some great chocolate that I can snack on. And finally ....... do any Floridians know the nearest store to get Redbridge beer please? We're staying in a villa near Formosa Gardens (highway 192 - is the area Kissimmee?). The gluten-free beer & lager here leaves a lot to be desired, & I'm looking forward to trying Redbridge, as it's not available in Britain. Thanks for your help Kate
  3. Hi Camilla, Am off to London for the weekend on Friday. Smollensky's Bar & Grill have gluten-free options & for a good value quicker meal Nando's peri peri chicken restaurants are great. The supermarkets (esp Tesco, Sainsbury & Waitrose all usually have good 'Free From' selections. HTH Kate
  4. Hi there, I'm from the UK & we are visiting WDW in May (which appears to be coeliac heaven!). Just wondered if anyone could recommend some gluten-free breakfast cereal for an adult which isn't too sweet & is relatively healthy - can you get a gluten-free porridge (oatmeal?). Also I'm a bit of a chocoholic & would love to know of some great chocolate that I can snack on. And finally ....... does anyone know the nearest store to get Redbridge beer please? We're staying in a villa near Formosa Gardens (highway 192 - is the area Kissimmee?). The gluten-free beer & lager here leaves a lot to be desired, & I'm looking forward to trying Redbridge, as it's not available in the UK. Thanks for your help Kate
  5. Hi, I've been diagnosed about 4 months now & am doing fine, but I have one query that's really bugging me. Pre diagnosis I was very ill & my symptoms were severe (projectile vomiting, d, big weight loss, exhaustion). I had the same type of symptoms for about the first 6 weeks gluten-free, but not as harsh. Since then I have been absolutely fine, except for on the occasions when I think I've had gluten by mistake I get itching & my eyes water. Do you think that this is now my gluten reaction? As I'm quite new to it all, it's still a learning curve, but if I have no symptoms then I'm having difficulty ensuring I'm gluten free. I know that the itching did occur after holy wafer (not thinking there), & after a supposedly gluten-free oat flapjack (so I guess I can't have oats yet). I'm not complaining - there are so many of you with terribly severe reactions that I count myself lucky. I'd just like to know I'm getting it right. If this is my gluten reaction, will it become worse the longer I am gluten-free, as my body becomes more sensitive to gluten? Thanks very much Kate Itching & scratching again after eating chocolate with a filling I didn't check
  6. Hi, Yes I did. Fortunately my biopsy results came back before the blood test (had blood on National Health & they lost them, but decided to go privately to see GI as I felt so rough). So it's definitely possible - I posted the same question a while back & got some great replies. Good luck Kate
  7. Hi Mike I was diagnosed mid October so am over 7 weeks gluten-free now & feel great. My main symptoms apart from the exhaustion were sickness & diarrhoea with horrible nausea. On going gluten free, I felt really good for 2 or 3 days, but then the nausea came back & lasted for about a week. The great news is that it should go away & your appetite should come back too (if it hasn't already as your post was a few days back) I also saw your post re sensitivity & that's one I'm really unsure about. Pre diagnosis I had such violent reactions to gluten for about 8 weeks, and in the first couple of weeks I definitely inadvertently had gluten with the same type of reactions, but for about 5 weeks now I have had no real reactions apart from some itching & in some cases the mouth ulcers again. I'm sure I have had some hidden gluten somewhere (I forgot & put malt vinegar on my chips for instance), but am pleasantly surprised that I've not had a horrible reaction. That said, i would like to know if I have had gluten in something so I could avoid it in the future. Anyway, hope you continue to feel better Kate
  8. Hi Nikki & Christine, Thanks for your replies - I was rather confused about why my blood was negative & a bit concerned about what the possible outcomes would have been with only the blood test. The diet is great though (although I am beginning to really miss real lager - roll on a good gluten-free substitute!) Kate
  9. Hi I was diagnosed by biopsy on 17th October (carried out by private medical insurance on 4th October). I had an Iga Anti TTg blood test on the 10th October (blood test carried out by National Health Sevice in England) & it came back negative. If I had not had private medical insurance, the NHS would certainly not have sent me for a biopsy in an NHS hospital with a negative result, so I would still be having all the symptoms & feeling dreadful. Is it unusual to get negative blood & positive biopsy? Thank goodness for my insurance! BTW been on the diet for 6ish weeks now & feeling great. Thanks for all your help Kate
  10. Hi there, Sainsbury's & Morrison supermarkets also have really good 'Free from' food ranges (Tesco & Waitrose are great too) & in terms of restaurants La Tasca (tapas) has gluten free dishes on the menu & I think is fairly widespread & Nando's too where most of the dishes are gluten free. Also if you're travelling in Europe look on the coeliac.co.uk website ('gluten free living' then 'living' then 'travelling overseas') & they have travel guides for Holland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy & Spain. Good luck Kate Sorry not help with the wedding as have yet to be inivited to one since diagnosis http://www.latasca.co.uk/TAPAS/Tapas.html
  11. Hi Everyone Sorry in advance for posting a question which may already have been answered (or is simply dumb!) Was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago, & have been gluten-free for about 3 weeks. I am feeling much better but with the usual newbie lapses! My question is this, if you (unknowingly) eat a large amount of gluten, will your reaction be more severe than eating a tiny amount or having gluten via cross contamination. For example - I have eaten in restaurants twice since going gluten-free & think I have been glutened both times. My symptoms are usually vomiting within 1-2 hours & then exhaustion & nausea the next day & then feeling better by day 3-4. The first time I ate out this happened, ending up in bed the next day. I think there may have been flour on the (frozen) roast potatoes I had & I ate at least 4! Today, however I ate a cooked breakfast out and ate tinned tomatoes & baked beans (both gluten-free in their own containers with spoons), a fried egg & bacon. However the bacon was served with tongs that they also served the fried bread & sausage with - she did wipe them with a cloth for me - & they also cook toasted sandwiches on the hotplate that they fried my egg on. After about 20 minutes I felt really nauseous & tired, & then about 2 hours later vomited. However I am now fine, & have managed to eat a huge gluten-free roast dinner. Could it be that I only had small amounts of gluten via CC which is why I was only briefly ill? Or perhaps I overloaded on fat (fried egg & bacon) & wasn't glutened at all? Ho hum. I may know tomorrow I suppose if I feel dreadful! This eating out gluten-free is a real challenge isn't it? Any words of wisdom greatly apprecaited. Thanks Kate
  12. Hi, How weird. Me too. I've been gluten free for almost 3 weeks now & find I have to get up a couple of times a night to pee & that sometimes the sheer volume of urine (sorry TMI!) seems like I've been drinking gallons of water before bedtime when I actually haven't had too much to drink? I always used to sleep right through. I do notice when I get glutened that I am very thirsty & then later also crave salty food (along with the vomiting & other nasties!) So no real answers, but just to say 'snap' really. Kate
  13. Hi Claire, Just wanted to say that I hope you start to feel a bit better soon. You poor old thing - it's no wonder you're feeling rotten if you're so anaemic, & as you say that could be what's causing the bone pain. Hopefully you'll get your bone scan soon too which may also pick up some deficienices. I went & got allergy tested on Saturday which was interesting. Picked up wheat etc (what a surprise, but also cows milk & cheese & oranges, yeast & broccoli to name but a few!!). She also did a vitamin & mineral test & said that it's a good thing I'm off for the scan as I appear to be deficient in almost everything (especially quite a few of the 'bone' ones D,boron, calcium, sulphur, silicon, as well as vit A & . Do take it really easy though, I can't believe how weak I am even 2 weeks in to a gluten-free diet (& I'm not anaemic). When I lost the weight I seemed to lose all my strength & now even climbing the stairs makes me tired. Glad to hear your fiance is being supportive, I think it takes them a while to appreciate how poorly you've been, and good luck with the cooking and Christmas cake........ I just bought a Christmas pudding on offer from Tesco online - I must find out how to make brandy sauce now! Take care & take things easy Kate x
  14. Hi Claire, I'm Kate & also from the UK & was diagnosed by biopsy on Tuesday, so also really new to this. I totally agree with you re the lack of advice from doctors etc - thank goodness for the internet & especially this board or I'd still inadvertently be eating gluten every day! I actually went gluten free 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I had found this board & my symptoms were so similar & everyone so encouraging that I though I'd give it a try. Although I did have a really rough patch about 4 days in (probably had some accidental gluten) I am feeling soooo much better. It's absolutely amazing. Even the chronic fatigue is lifting. I don't have bone pain, but it feels I have friction in all my joints when I extend say my arm, it feels all the bones are grinding. I too have been booked in for a bone density test, but who knows when that will be? However my joints do seem to be easing a little. I've also given up dairy as I found I was vomiting after milk & butter so now drink soya & i've booked into my local homeopathy shop to get some intolerance testing done too. I feel that my digestion is so erractic at the moment that I'd like to check if anything else is not helping . On a postive note I'm feeling so much better that today I may venture to Sainsburys & check out their gluten free range. I may even get a gluten-free beer to celebrate when I get back to 8 stone again (went from 8 stone 8 to 7 stone 7 in about 4 weeks!). I may even fancy one by then! I really hope you feel so much better soon & that your bone pain starts to ease. Good luck with your GP Kate Oh & did you join coeliac UK yet. Apparenlty they will send out a food & drink directory. I'm waiting for mine to arrive soon...... Kate
  15. Hello everyone, I seem to spend all my time on here. A huge thanks to everyone who has replied to my posts over the past week......... I got my biopsy results today & they came back positive for celiac, so thanks to everyone on here I am at least one week ahead of the game on my gluten-free regime. Just a quick question. Felt much better Sunday morning (even hauled myself off the sofa & went food shopping). To celebrate bought a big bar of chocolate & ate half of it. I vomited 1 hour later, but still felt OK, but on Monday I could not get out of bed all day & had trouble eating anything. Today (Tuesday), I feel better but still nauseous & gassy. Could chocolate to this to me (I did check the label but couldn't see anything sinister in it). Is it likely to be the lactose in the chocolate that made me ill & if this is the case am I OK to eat cheese? I'm already having soya milk as I've been quite ill after cows milk twice now. Phew - what a learning curve! I won't get to see a dietician until next week & my GI was great but I am such a novice at this. Thanks again
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