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  1. Greetings all I have been taking the b-12 shots twice a month for 25 years now. A shilling test showed I absorb so little that lozengers will not work. I got REALLY tired of going to the doctors office to do them so learned to do it myself. It is an intermuscular shot so you do not need to worry about finding a vein etc. I usually sit down and give myself a shot in the upper leg...the fleshiest part I can find. Depending on your insurance company you need to get the doc to write a prescription for the needles as well as the b-12. Go figure....they give you an injectible drug but will not give you the needles without it. Its all the things like that it life that keep me laughing at it. Mysticfrog
  2. Greetings all I am new to this site ...and this disease. It is just about the straw that broke the camels back. When I was 25 I was diagnosed with pernisious anemia. Rare for that age I am told. Then came the autoimmune thyroid disease. My faithful body killed it mostly and I take the max amount of Synthroid. Then came the Lupus. First looked at back when I was 25 and then firmly diagnosed ten years ago. Them came the diabetes. Type I at my age, seems I am producing antibodies against the pancreas. I am now 50 and today my Dr called back with the results of new slews of test for chronic nausea, tummy pains and weightloss...and quess what. Celiac. ARGGGGGGGG!!! I have been told by Doctors at Duke University and at the Mayo Clinic that people with autoimmune problems tend to develope more than one problem. All stand alone things but usually clusters for people like me. I can not tell you how frustrated this make me. I just keep wondering ....what next.
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