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  1. I am quite new to being gluten-free (2 months now). I spent a good deal of time educating my husband, who is quite supportive. I decided the safest thing was to make the whole house gluten-free. He agreed. He eats whatever he wants when we go out, but at home, we eat the same. He is fine with this arrangement and better understands my frustrations with trying to find tasty breads, brownies, etc... Good luck to you - Beth
  2. I assume this to be true, but am having difficulty locating it on my drug lists... Thanks - Beth
  3. Is this a common experience? I thought that I had read somewhere that it was, but am having trouble finding it now. I am newly diagnosed and struggling with the large learning curve necessary for the gluten-free diet as well as DH. I am awaiting my G6PD test to come back before starting a trial of dapsone... Thanks! Beth
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