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  1. My baby at age one nearly died from starvation (he was eating almost too much) but a doctor at UNM, after recognizing he had gained 4 lbs in one month after going gluten free by the request of the pediatrician, refuse to do a biopsy. The pediatrician wrote him up as beign gluten intolerant. Now we have a chance to see a different doctor. I have such good pediatricians. If I get good results Ill let you know.
  2. We were stationed there on base. Military doctors arent much better there. I wish I could rememberthe name of the hospital. If I think of it Ill let you know. If any thing the doctors there could direct to an adult doctor. Are you able to go to the native hospital?
  3. Pain Killers

    Normal tylenol from what I know has gluten but childrens meltaways dont. They are expensive if you have to take them too often. I am having a blood test on Friday. We will see.
  4. If anyone knows of a good GI doctor in Albuquerque, NM? There are no support groups here either. The pediatrician has been willing to read a book to help them understand it better but I still cant find a good GI for the kids and me. I am fortunate that the OB has a nurse with celiac disease.
  5. Be very careful going to Albuquerque NM. The doctors claim to know about celiac disease but they really know very little. Some docs still refer to it as an allergy. The best you can do is offer a book most recently written by a doctor who specializes with celiac disease to your doctor and see if they read it.
  6. Its good to know that the doctors care. However as human being we have the right to do with our bodies as we see fit. A good example that I will not discuss at lenght becouse I am prolife is Abortion. The doctor is not there to control us. They are there to advise us. I know this is the hard part of being a doctor. A doctor that was taking care of grandpas heart got tired of his neglecting his health and told him if he ripped out his stitches again (the 4th time) he would refuse to be his doctor. If the patient doesnt wish to be healthy that is thier issue. You have done the best you can. Thank you for doin a caring.
  7. Have you called the hospital for kids with tummy troubles? I dont remember the name of it but they do alot of advertising on the radio. If not try getting the most recently written book on celiac disease by a doctor who works with celiac disease and as if you primary doctor is willing to read it.
  8. Yes Benedryl is gluten free. The pediatrician double checked it for us. Yes our pediatrician understands celiac disease. He was the one who noticed it when I had no clue it even existed. The generic brand might well have gluten in it. Generic brands are made in such a way to make it cheaper to buy and wheat is cheaper to to work with. We use the name brand quite often with no side affects. Our 2 year old has celiac disease and is anaphalactic with milk. With 4 other children who have no issues with milk, our 2 year old finds occasion weekly to get it on him or in him. If I were you get the name brand and be comfortable.
  9. Pain Killers

    I am having headaches. I keep double checking to make certain I am not getting gluten. I need a pregnancy safe gluten free medicin I can take before my head explodes. The headaches are being caused by hormone changes. After the triplets dies my hormones have been takeing a dramatic drop and two months later I am pregnant AGAIN. My doctors nurse has lectured me on common sense. .Oh well.
  10. Worried

    really very seriously important. Get OFF the prenatal from unless they specifically say GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!! Yes medicines and vitamins contain gluten. I misscarried a set of triplets becouse of gluten. I am pregnant again in the shadows of that pregnancy. It doesnt matter if you have had a test for celiac disease or not. If you suspect you have celiac disease then immediatly get off gluten at least until the pregnancy is over if the pregnancy survives. Two places I have gotten prenatals from that are listed as gluten free are GNC (it gave me headaches), and Perry makes a gluten free prenatal (I am taking those now). If you have seriously been gluten free that is very wonderfull. Just watch that medication and vitamin challenge.
  11. La Leche League can give you a list of foods and meds that will go through moms milk. They can also tell you the severity of the danger involved in the milk with each item. Gluten is gluten no matter how much baby gets. Yes it will pas through the milk. My 1 year old nearly died becouse he was slowly starving to death. However the pediatrician did say that something about breastfeeding was keeping the severity down and buying us time to get the gluten under control. Yes breast feed. If baby has issues with it than you will have an opportunity to get it straightened out without interupting the breastfeeding. Hang tuff.
  12. Breast feeding is good for babies. Most illness's are less harmful while breastfeeding. You need to get in touch with La Leche League!!! They are your best hope for answeres. They have listings of harmfull medicins that will go through the breast milk. They have a list of doctors practiced in breastfeeding that can answer questions for you. Tell mummy to hush. Theyre was a time when the medical profession thought is was healthier to bottle feed. Before that they thought that breast feeding was better. Now they are back to breast feeding again. If you believe in God, why would you tell him that he didnt know what he was doing? Yet theyre are people who continue to do just that. God knew what he was doing when he made us to breast feed. If you dont believe in God well this is just what our bodies do. This is how they function. La Leche League can help alot.
  13. I have notice that some of the posted messages are very old. Some date back all the way to 2004. Is this normal? Are we supposed to clean up our own posted topics?
  14. Okay the list on this sight is huge so I am going to ask without searching for an entire hour. We have our gluten free gingerbread house. If anyone wants to know where I ordered it please ask. I will post it. Okay I got it from Patsy Pie. They are based in Canada. I asked them to make one for me and they experimented and came up with one. I hope they are getting good business for it. In any case I need to know what candies I can use to decorate it with. The cold cereals are well and good but they dont have alot of color or shapes. All suggestians are gratefully appreciated.
  15. I dont know about hershes At wild oats they sell gluten free chocalat chips. They also have dairy free/ gluten gree chips. This is all we can get for our household.
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