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  1. Hey I'd forgotten about the night sweats! The way I try to look at things, is they could be so much worse. My husband has had a kidney transplant, been blind and regained vision, had a pancreas transplant that rejected 2 years later and been through a virtual hell. Once he became stable I became very ill. To know I can keep myself healthy without medications is really great. I certainly do have my down times when I feel sorry for myself but I try to keep positive. The worst for me was terrible back pain, foggy head, tired, and awful neuropathy issues. I was really starting to think I was crazy. Thank goodness my family Dr kept looking for answers. Never heard of Celiac before and I also get the people who have said they believe I could eat some wheat. Ok whatever. Life is short and I want to enjoy it:) Ok so I can't eat KFC, no one should eat it anyway
  2. I am fairly new to the world of gluten free. I was diagnosed last March. I have been sick off and on my whole life and never had a true diagnosis. The last two years I developed agonizing back pain and then nerve problems. Finally a rheumatologist diagnosed me. I am mostly relieved with this diagnosis. Just to have a diagnosis but I have my down times also. No more Pizza Delight and things like that. But it could be so much worse. I could be getting sicker and still be in agony. The nerve problem is better but not gone yet. My Dr said to be patient, so I am trying. I was a very active person until this pain set in but I am working my way back.
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