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  1. Hey there, Dan at Impromptu can certainly make vegetarian options. He's tremendous with risottos, mashed potatoes, lovely soups, broccolini, etc. One of my best friends is a vegan, and he loves eating there. As far as the peanuts go, it's a matter of how sensitive that diner is. Dan doesn't use peanuts in anything, but he does have gluten-free peanut butter cookies on the dessert menu right now (with chocolate mousse and a bittersweet chocolate sauce). If the diner cannot have peanuts anywhere in the vicinity, then I'm not sure where he's going to eat! But if he's not that sensitive, then send them to Impromptu. Another option is Cafe Flora, which is all vegetarian, with plenty of gluten-free options. They could certainly accommodate peanut allergies. Let us know how it turns out.
  2. Hey there, I eat successfully in Seattle all the time. (Besides Impromptu, which is a near-daily experience, of course!) Volterra in Ballard is one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever encountered. They are more than friendly to gluten-free eating. They keep fabulous rice pasta from Italy on hand in case anyone wants to eat. Don Curtiss is wonderful about keeping the kitchen clean and ensuring that you will be safe. BOKA downtown is a trendy, wonderful restaurant in the Madison Hotel. It is Asian-inspired, with French influences. Many of the foods are off-limits, of course, but there are options. Also, the Executive Chef, Seis Kamimura, is a personal friend of mine, and he asked me to come in and inspect their kitchen and teach him how to make it gluten-free. So, I think you'll be fine there! Really, I eat almost everywhere in this city. I have become good about being assertive and educating. Other than pizza and pasta places, I eat at all the fine restaurants in the city. Palace Kitchen. Crush. Go to a truly great restaurant, where they care about food as an art, and you will be fine.
  3. I LOVE Babycakes. I only wish I lived in New York to eat them more often. (Or, I wish they would open a Seattle store.) I wrote about them on my website back in February, after I had been in New York, and I have been dreaming about their cupcakes ever since.
  4. Just to be clear here, whisky is NOT made from beer. It's a separate process entirely, and whiskey should be gluten-free. For many years, it was believed that we could not drink any alcohol made from grains. But standard literature -- including on this site -- says that Scotch and whiskeys are gluten-free in the final product. I wrote a post about this on my website back in December, and I have been drinking Scotch since then. I'm VERY sensitive to gluten, but I haven't had a problem with Scotch at all. So, bottoms up!
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