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  1. I took Cymbalta for the longest time and I eventually realized that it was making me feel very flat. Add to that feeling a carb craving while being diagnosed with celiac...UGH. I've been on Fluoxetine for about two months and I notice that my energy level is up most days. However, struggling with weight gain hasn't been easy and I think that's one of the factors involved in my anxious/depressive moods. We'll see what happens. I'm so glad that I found this post; sad that others struggle as well but glad that I'm not the only one.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm recently diagnosed and live in Yardley, PA (just across the Delaware from Trenton). I work in Middlesex County, though, so I frequent the Whole Foods on Rte 1 in L-ville. It's been a dream come true for me. My hematologist & GI are in Langhorne, PA. There's a great Italian restaurant in Yardley's Big Oak Shopping Center called Carlucchi's. They have many gluten-free choices on their menu and are willing to accomodate requests. If you're ever up this way, it's worth a stop. ANyway, it's nice to know that I'm not alone. If you ever do plan a night at Outback, count me in. I've never been there, but now that I know they're celiac-friendly I really want to check them out! Regards!
  3. You are so right. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I'm really dedicated to getting this diet right and being healthy...not just for me, but for everyone around me. I guess the people who make me feel inconvenient aren't really worth the effort it takes me to worry about what they think, huh? I'm really enjoying all of the stick-with-it tips and pep talk. Keep it coming!
  4. Thanks for this thread. I've just been diagnosed and have a lot to learn about the hidden gluten out there. Thankfully, I have a Whoel Foods market on the way home. They provide a list at customer service detailing all of their gluten-free products. Also, our local health food store is awesome when it comes to explaining different ingredients, customer favs, etc. It's hard but I have hope. Thanks for helping me to feel that I can handle this.
  5. Hi Sissy! I'm sort-of newly diagnosed. The truth be told, I'm just now seriously dealing with my diagnosis. I've been doing my best to convince myself that by really "trying my best" to avoid gluten, I'm doing what I need to do. Up until now, I haven't been checking all of my sauces and condiments, nor my lunchmeats. I've been eating oats, trying to pretend that somehow I can "handle it" since I'm so limited by living wheat-free. I'm a working mom with two little boys and a very stressful job (middle school teacher). I barely have time to grade papers and do my laundry...how can I justify spending more time checking labels, let alone spending money on special groceries? Besides this, food=love in my family. We're Italian (HELLO CARBS!) and dinner is very important. Now I'm inconveniencing everyone with my special requirements. Some people are kind; some act as though you're making it up for attention. One of my co-workers actually said, "I think Celiac is the new fad disease...like Chronic Fatigue." Isn't that lovely? Anyway, I need to get honest with myself. It sucks to have a special diet, but there are so many people who have to take meds their whole lives to regulate their conditions. I know that I feel better when I'm diligent and I pay for it when I cheat. I am SO glad that I found this board because dealing with this disease alone really SUCKS. I hope that you make peace with your diagnosis and feel better on a gluten-free diet. Thanks for hearing me out...I look forward to checking in here frequently for support.
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