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  1. Hi guys, I hope you are all ok. I went for my doctors appointment today. My anemia has become a class a pain in the butt. I basically lost the plot at work on friday as i just couldnt pretend i was ok anymore. I was so exhausted i just sobbed. So the doctor today has said that my anemia is the cause. He is looking into giving me an iron infusion and b12 injections, he has said that i do have exhaustion and i am to rest for a while. So i have annual leave from wednesday, so i can rest up and restore myself a bit. My bone scan appointment should come through soon. Although the pain im getting he thinks is linked to my anemia. My diet is going ok. I have brought loads of books on celiac and gluten free cooking which i plan on some cooking from the books to see how i go, as i am a very bad cook, i can even burn water lol. I am even going to try to cook a christmas cake, that should be fun lol. I am going shopping at the end of the week, and by fiancee has finally, i think, started to come round to the idea that im ill and need support, and has even offered to take me, as he doesnt want me to do it on my own, as i am too exhausted. I am hoping that things will now start to improve with my health and my relationship. Take Care. Claire
  2. Hi, I am a real newbie, but i get this. I have anemia, so i am finding it hard to breathe. Maybe your doctor could check your full blood count. Good luck. Claire
  3. Hi Kate, Nice to meet you. I must admit this site and the internet have been a life saver for me. My doctors not horrible just a little clueless. Go to sainsburys they have the best range of gluten free stuff i have ever seen and the staff are really helpful. I went to other supermarkets and they didnt not have a lot. Sainsburys even sell gluten free burgers and sausages and chicken nuggets. God im so sad lol. Im hoping my pain is going to ease when i really get into my diet. You know what the waiting list for the nhs are like. But they are really good. Although i have found that the uk is not as clued up on this as the us people. I think my diet is taking a bit longer because my anemia is so bad, get that under control, and im sorted. I know what you mean about weight i went down to 6st 4lb, my doctors thought i had anoerexia, until my fella said how much i eat. My weight has gone up thank god. Sounds like you are getting it sorted mate well done. I have joined coeliac uk, i too am waiting for my stuff, sounds like it will be really useful. I havent given up dairy but my gp is starting to think i might need to. Homeopathy sounds like a good idea. The day im having a gluten free beer sounds very tempting. Oh forgot to say look on sainsburys internet site type in gluten free at the top right search box the have some seriously good stuff to buy, reciepes and downloads of all their products. Take Care Mate. Claire
  4. Hi, I havent had a bone scan yet, but my doctor has just refered me, so i should get one soon. He did say that it might go away on its own. I hope so. He said he is going to wait for the bone scan first then lokkinto other things if that comes back clear. Thanks for all the advice i will kepp you all updated as to how things go. Claire
  5. Hi im very new here and very newly diagnosed. I have anemia which is associated with celiac, and that makes you very exhausted along with paeleness of skin and a tendancy to be cold amonst other things. You could ask him to check your full blood count. I hope things get better for you. Takr Care Claire.
  6. Thanks for the support. It is really nice to speak to people that really know what you are talking about. I have been given b12 for my anemia for about a week. I have a follow up tests on the 6th of november. So fingers crossed there will be an improvement. Thanks for the comments on the bone pain. My doctor wont look at arthritis as im too young and he said the symtoms have come on too quick. I tried to explain i have had this for nearly 2 years just no where near this bad. But i will ask him to look into arthritis and fibromyagia. Oh it is so nice to speak to people that really know their stuff. I have not really had any of this stuff said to me before, so thanks again. Claire
  7. WOW I didnt think about the toaster thing or lipsticks, thanks thats a great tip. I know what i will be doing tommorrow. Thanks I feel a little better. I really thought i was doing badly. Now a bit more at ease. You are so right, least i know what it is now and that means i can do something about. I think i have sort of lost the plot a bit, i sound like i have control but i am a bit of a mess. But i am determined to get there, it just feels like i'm climbing mount Everest at the moment lol. Thanks Claire
  8. Hi, Thank you for your reply. I will look for the books you have suggested they sound like they will really help too. I must admit i feel a little scared, i am trying really hard to get my diet sorted, but it is a little daunting. I will check for health food shop as well, i didnt think of that. Thanks for the tip about the supplements, i am off to check them now. Claire
  9. Hello everybody, I live in Britian. I was diagnosed last monday through blood tests and biopsy. I have just started my new diet. I seem to be living where my doctor and other health proffessionals are a bit clueless. I have basically set up my own diet and treatment through research, only to be told, thats great kepp going. I found your site while surfing the net to get some idea as to what i am up against. I have not been well for nearly 2 years and have been getting progressively worse. I am now severly anemiac (sorry cant spell, brain not working!!!). Sorry i seem to be rambling. Basically i am getting worse, i am getting mentally forgetful, constantly got stomach cramps, and diahorreoa, cant breathe well, due to anemia, among other things,but the big thing is, for about a week, i have been getting this really horrible pain in my arms, legs and back. It is not my joints or muscles that hurt but my bones, sorry if this sounds silly, only way i cant think to explain this. I have spoken to my doctor, and he thinks i have a cold. Has anyone else had this? Anything i can do to alleviate it? Could someone advise me as to how long it will take on my diet before i feel better. I am taking iron tablets, folic acid and b12 for the anemia. Sorry just keep getting told i am doing brillant keep going, but it is getting a bit much to deal with, and people are treating me like i am a whinger. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully recieved. Thanks again Claire
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