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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Worried

    I don't think so, but I don' t know what that is either.
  3. Worried

    On the ingredients on velvetta it has whey in it. We aren't supposed to eat whey right?
  4. Worried

    I have been completely Gluten Free for about 2 weeks now. I think the reason it has always been so hard is because I don't have symptoms very often. I know I have Celiacs Disease, but the only thing presenting when I was diagnosed was nausea. So if I ate something with gluten in it after I just eating most things I didn't notice. It has been very hard since I am a very picky eater, and don't really like to try new things. I have a my thyroid checked a few months ago since I have trouble loosing weight, adn everything cam e back normal, so aparently that is not an issue. My husband and I decided that we will wait till this summer to start trying again just to make sure my body is fully healed. Thank you for all of your help and making me go gluten free. If any of you know some good queso recipes or stuffing recipes let me know. Queso is my most favorite comfort food, and well as you know it is not gluten free, so that can be hard. Carissa
  5. Worried

    So I took a test yesterday, and it was negative, and then I got my period this morning. So I guess we will just have to start really trying. Anyone have any suggestions?? I have been a celiac for 2 years, but didn't really realize how much stuff can go wrong until a few months ago, so I have started to eat completely gluten free. Only problem, I still sometimes eat things with gluten in it, that I didin't know had gluten in it. How do you know for sure without calling evey company?? Plus when you go out to eat, the only place I know of that has and actual gluten free menu is Outback. I guess I'm just really confused. Also, who do you talk to about pregnancy, conceiving, and infertility with Celiacs? The Gastroenterologist or the OBGYN. I don't think my OBGYN knows anything about Celiacs, not that I have ever met her, but my nurse right now was recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. I know this is a little scattered, but I just need to get all my ducks in a row before we start actually trying. Thanks Carissa
  6. Worried

    I know I should just wait for the test, but I can't. I think I am pregnant, and would be a little more than 3 weeks. I was diagnosed with Celiacs 2 years ago, and have been on a mostly Gluten Free diet. I was pregnant about a year ago only to miscarry at 10 weeks. I believe I am pregnant since my breasts are killing me (not like they do when I'm about to start), and my lower back hurts and if I remember correctly that is what happened the last time. I am worried because I have been having cramps for a few days now. They aren't horrible or anything, just mild, but I don't think I remember feeling anything this early, especially since I didn't know I was pregnant before until 5 weeks. I had a normal GYN apt right after my last period a few weeks ago, but just worried that something is wrong. Is the cramping normal to have, and last for a little while? I would talk to my doctor, but I know they don't want me coming in every month to have a blood test done, etc. Also I wanted to know what else I should be taking besides a prenatal vitamin. The one I am taking is a generic Target brand, and has 800 mcg folic acid. Should I be taking anything else, especially since I've had previous miscarriages? I plan on making a doctors appt. as soon as I get a positive test result, but don't want to jump the gun. I'm sure you all understand the worries of being a celiac, and the miscarriages. I've always wanted lots of kids, and have been ready for about 2 years, just didn't know it would take this long, and put my husband and I through so much. I appriciate all the advice I can get!!.
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