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  1. I saw Dr. Lee -- I thought she was a flake and told me a number of inconsistent things and was also rather unresponsive to any phone calls the only thing of value I got out of my visit was to use prometheus labs for blood testing... i.e. the best thing to do to get comparable and reliable blood test results to test one's gradual remission of celiac disease is to do the following: go to your trusted PCP and ask to have MULTIPLE vials of blood taken (as many as you can muster -- maybe 6 or 7). At that point ask your PCP to freeze all but one of the vials and send that unfrozen vial to prometheus for their celiac disease serology test. Given that even their tests change but are at least performed with care unlike at Quest (they are very unreliable in my experience, they use the least expensive test kits as it's not their liability and they are publically traded), Prometheus is the only useful place to attempt to relate serology changes. Every 3 or so months, you'll want to get the celiac disease serology test repeated on two vials of blood (one new one and one of the frozen ones, especially if they claim they changed their serology testing methodology in the slightest way). Hopefully you guys will have better luck than me
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