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  1. NicoleAJ- Sorry to hear you were recently diagnosed with UC. I was about 17 when I started having problems, cramping and diarrhea which over the course of a few months developed into bloody diarrhea. I was referred by my family doctor to a GI and he did a colonoscopy and diagnosed UC. I have, over the course of the last 14 years spent more time in the hospital then anybody I know. My ds was a preemie and I have had two miscarriages so I have yet to have a full term healthy baby but, here is hoping! I certainly never gave up hope that I'd be a Mom one day. If I had another flare up while gluten free I certainly would use steroids to try to get it under control and carefully introduce any foods back into my life. I do not want to take maintenance drugs right now because this pregnancy is going well and I feel good. I was just surprised how fast my GI said it was a coincidence, he wouldn't even entertain the idea there could be a link. Thanks for the feedback!!
  2. Hathor-thanks for the feedback! I had been told in the past to try a low fiber diet or just eat white bread not whole wheat that sort of thing but never to eliminate wheat or gluten altogether. I had a bad flare up from May 2006 to October 2006. I was not responding to steriods like I once used to. I guess you could say I was desperate so once again I went back to what I was eating. I went online and was researching food intolerances and such when I came across Celiac disease. The more I read, the more I thought "I need to try a gluten free diet". For example, I had my gall bladder taken out when I was 20 and at the time was not having a flare up. I read about how many people with gluten intolerance have gall bladder problems. So here I am. I'll add that I am 21 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy is going so well. Just the fact that I have made it this far without a miscarriage is wonderful. Thank You for the link for the specific dietary recommendations. I am going to read it now.
  3. I too have always believed food played a role in my condition. The problem has been figuring out all the foods I should be avoiding. It is not easy. I do believe after all these years I am there or almost there though. That same doctor is trying to get me to go on Pentasa (5 ASA) as he believes it will help keep me in remission. I do not want to take medications anymore. I am sick of it and believe it is unnecessary, especially since I can't remember feeling this good.
  4. Thanks for Replying Everyone! I do not have a positive diagnosis of Celiac. Over the years I have believed diet played a role and have tried eliminating dairy, refined sugars, etc. Nothing made a difference until I went gluten free. I could kick myself in the butt for not discovering this sooner. This is the third GI doc I have had, nobody ever suggested a gluten free diet to me. This particular doctor though was so quick to dismiss my findings, it kinda pissed me off.
  5. I have had ulcerative colitis for 14 years. I have gone through more hospital stays then I can count, surgerys, different meds...you get the idea. It has been horrible. In October 2006 I decided to go Gluten free and see what happened as I was not responding to steroids as I once used to. My symptoms subsided substancially in a week and were gone in two weeks. I have been gluten free ever since and am now on no meds for the UC. (YEAH!) So, last time I went to see my GI doc, I of course mentioned my discovery and the results. He said it was a coincidence. He said celiac disease has nothing to do with UC. I find that hard to believe. Any thoughts or experiences with doctors that believe this?
  6. HAHA! I could have written your OP!! Right down to the fact that I am pregnant too! I do what I've got to do, especially for the baby but it seems that everythime I turn around I am having to think about food. Pellets for human? I love it!
  7. I see "Enterolab" in many people's siggies. Is this a specific lab? A specific test your doctor orders? Maybe I haven't heard of this because I am in Canada?
  8. Sorry to hear about your son. That is just horrible. It would be interesting to see if there are more people who have had experiences that they believe relate UC and celiac disease.
  9. I was diagnosed with UC 13 yrs ago. Since then I have been hospitalized more times then I can count, often for conditions not directly related to UC. I started reading up about celiac disease recently and decided to try a gluten free diet. Many of my worst symptoms have subsided drastically. Anybody else see a drastic improvement in their UC on a gluten free diet? Makes me wonder why in all these years I was NEVER tested for celiac disease.
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