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  1. I also had my EGD and a ultra sound on my Gall Bladder this week (Tuesday). My blood tests came back negative for Celiac. And the GI doc found GERD and a hiatel hernia. While I haven't really had a problem with heart burn, it does explain some of the pain and swallowing issues. It does not, however, seem to explain all the "going to the bathroom" issues. I have not heard back about my Gall Bladder. The GI doc did say that they may have to do a colonoscopy also to figure out what is causing the other problems. Fun stuff. In the meantime I am on Protonix twice a day. Yuck. I hate taking medicine.
  2. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I have been doing much reading on the message board especially and it's great to know that you all are so compassionate and friendly. I have my endo and ultrasound on the 31st (a miracle that managed to get them scheduled for the same day!!). So until then... lele
  3. I am currently being tested (blood, endo, and GB ultrasound) for the cause of numerous symptoms and so decided to do a little research on my own. When I came across celiac disease, I began to wonder if my hiccups are related. I get them upon eating bread, crackers, pretzels, etc... Anyone else ever noticed a correlation or seen any research on a relationship between this phenomon & celiac disease? And, for those who are curious, my symptoms are: Iron Deficiency Anemia Fatigue Loss of Appetite Edema in lower extremeties Difficulty swallowing/feels like air bubbles Pain in upper abdomin/right side Extremely chapped lips Bumpy, flesh colored & intensely itchy rash that comes and goes Increasing numbers of Boils & Skin Tags Frequent upset stomach (uneasy, gasy, noisy) Occasional loose, mucusy, malodorous BMs Slow & steady weight increase despite concerted efforts Extremely painful, irregular menses Occasional asthma Fibromyalgia Joint Pain Geez, I sound like a mess! But in all honesty, I feel ok most of the time. Mostly just exhausted (constantly) and annoyed with the other symptoms. Any thoughts out there?
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