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  1. I would like to find out more about red wines, i like to drink that more than white. I have not seen very many broths that have thickener in them. I see almost all soups do. but every broth lable i've read doesn't mention it. am i missing that. I see broth as a being a no-no everywhere, but is there something hidden?
  2. I went to a party this past weekend and met a fellow celiac sufferer. He told me a couple things his doctor told him. I have read 3 books on the subject, and when I meet other Celiac, I get different information than I've ever read anywhere. He told me he got the tip from his doctor that if he was ever glutened, or wanted to cheat that all he needed to do was take a double dose of pepto bismol and it would coat his stomach. I'd never read that anywhere before. He also mentioned that he'd read that red wine is sometimes "thickened" with some types of flour or grains. I haven't ever read that anywhere. Can anyone point me in the direction to find this information out? I heard from another friend that self-basting turkeys often have gluten in them, and every brand I looked up online on the sites for the turkeys, none of them had any type of gluten listed in their ingredients. I am wondering if some information that is being passed around is older information. the book my doctor gave me, he said it has old information in it, but over-all, it is good and pointed out i should read more than one source of information to keep myself up to date. I came to the conclusion that is what this website is the best thing for... help us sort through all the different types of information we have access to and to let each other know what works. Maybe each of our experiences is going to be different, but to have some beginning guideline to start from will help me for sure.
  3. I'm going to chime it as well. I've gotten so dizzy that i have to close my eyes sometimes to stop the room from spinning. I was thinking that it might be allergies here. but if you all are getting this and being newly gluten-free, maybe it's a symptom of being gluten-free? I was gonig to ask my doc in April when i go to my follow up.
  4. I bet it was a coincidental, I got glutened after going gluten-free and within a half hour I was in the bathroom. Your cold was probably already brewing. You might be sensitive to Ibuprofren, especially if you're allergic to asprin or any thing that is related to asprin. and sensitivities can just show up at any time in your life. It's worth it keeping a food log and writing down the stuff you eat as well as OTC meds you might be taking.
  5. Could i really not have allergies anymore? is this possible? the pollen count is the highest it's been, record highs actually. and i haven't had a symptom. I've suffered all my life with allergies in the spring. I see everyone around me sneezing etc, my daughter's eyes are swollen. she's miserable and that was me all my life. I was diagnosed in October and have been gluten free since and have had realtively little trouble. I haven't been tempted to have any of my favorite baked goods, those were my down fall. I figure at some point i'll add treats from whole foods bakery gluten-free brand. as of now, I am still trying to figure out all the things that are happening to me. and could it be that my allergies aren't going to trouble me anymore? I have a on and off hoarse voice, a bit of runny nose and some tiny congestion. but nothing like everyone around me who are suffering.
  6. I had the same experience recently as well and no one was so excited as me. Congrats on your new found poo experience. I am still happy about mine
  7. Rice tortillas? where do you find those? are they good or are they dry and crack when you fold them? i really miss tortillas a lot. that's the hard part finding a substitute, corn are not the same. fresh corn ones are good, but i don't see myself making any anytime soon. really, ever.
  8. kbabe, i totaly understand where you're coming from. I was a waitress too and know any extra questions or demands are a pain as your'e trying to help 30 other people at the same time and then the cook is yeling at you to pick up your orders. I feel as though, i'm going out in public, this isn't my house, i really can't expet things to be exactly how i want it, at all ever, I know i'm paying for it, but there's always that chance there's a mistake or someone doesn't understand. I feel that's the chance you take with going out. If someone is so picky, like those people who send back something 5 times, I would stew and wonder "why do these people go out even, they are only setting themselves to be disappointed because no one can ever be fulfill their needs as they exactly wish." i wish they had stayed home. and i never want to be one of those people other people think that about.
  9. I had a positive blood test and a slight flattening of my villi in the biopsy results. My Dr. felt it was definitive Celiac. I often wonder if he wuold have felt like that had i not told him my family history, my mom and nephew with it. I really don't want to have this diagnosis. I find it hard to adhere to the diet. I told my dad, maybe the dr. was wrong, i don't have a huge anti-body count or my villi wasn't totally damaged. my dad agreed, but he doesn't want to think i have it either. but the Dr. felt i was healing because i'd been on Gluten free for 3 weeks before the biopsy, endoscopy. i have had something gluten, tortillas, and get the big D, but then i have tried it again and it was just an upset tummy, bloating and gas for a couple days. i didn't get violently ill like some people here say they do when they get glutened. I've been diagnosed since October and have been trying to be gluten-free since then. So is it possible to have a false positive diagnosis?
  10. Here's a question then. Will any symptoms I had that were always thought of as due to my gall bladder clear up? I didn't have it removed, i was told i had a sludge, but no stones were visible. I had terrible pain , but i was very very reluctant to have the surgery and gave all kinds of reasons not to. I dn't have the symptoms very much at all anymore, i'm careful about my food intake now. Will my gall bladder issues clear up now? I really hope so. this diagnosis looks better and better all the time.
  11. and endoscopy. It was was so much easier than i really anticipated. my stomach pain and the runs were worse than any of the cleansing i had to do. the stuff tasted bad, i threw up one cup of it but really it was because i drank too much all at once. tried to finish a quart in one sitting. (note: don't do this). but any discomfort in the bowels was not a lot because of how bad my stomach has gotten. the actual procedure, i don't remember a bit of it. .. i woke up a couple of times, ... saw the TV screen, thought i saw a rushing green river lol.. wow i thought, "how very strange that is. is that my penicillian i just had an hour ago?" then i woke up again, "something is moving in my stomach??!" he said to me afterwards, i didn't see anything in your colon that looked outwardly damaged, so that's good. I took biopsies. then he saw polyps in my stomach, abuot 3 of them. they were removed and i have a follow to disucss those. i also have diverticulitis. he still believe's i have celiac. I need to stay gluten free. I wonder if the diverticulitis could cause all those terrible bowel problems and the polyps the stomach pain? maybe i don't have celiac? he didn't see any damage in the colon, but is it possible the biopsy will say there is somethign there that he couldn't see with the naked eye? i am at a point where i'm still hoping he'll say "oh, whoops. guess you dont' have it after all. hehe, sorry." i could hope the polys were the problem.
  12. Nini, are you off of the meds now? that's so great about BP. that's anohter benefit of feeling good.
  13. well, i've been gluten free since Saturday the 18th... i've had bad headaches, lightheadedness and just odd feelings, like my body is acting up on me. I can't identify what i've been feeling. I had an appt. for a physical and I talked to my GP about all this and she genuinely seemed happy that we discovered what my life long health problems have been. and she took my blood pressure, which is normally about 130/85. i'm on meds for it because there was a point it was 200/125. it was terrifingly high. so yesterday it was 110/70. what she says, let's do an EKG, and everythign is ok. i am extremely tired and still light headed. my question now is, could this lowering of BP be due to the celiac withdrawal? I"m in shock. today, Thanksgiving day, I'm thinking i got glutened on something, i was trying to be careful but i am back with a bad stomach ache. I didn't have any desserts because those seem to be the biggest problem areas to find where gluten is. I didn't have bread (sigh) and didn't have gravy. .. but i am feeling back to what normal was before. .. is this what being full of gluten is like? it's how i've felt all my life, almost a little anxious and always with a feeling that i've forgotten something somewhere. I'm going to have to watch all this, perhaps keep a food diary. but this post in the end is about, can my Blood pressure have gone down because i'm off of gluten??
  14. you need to be gluten free... i went to the gastroentrologist today.. he was great, I really liked how friendly and personable he was. He looked at my test, which really what i'd read here wasn't all that definitive, and said without taking a biopsy, you have it, i'm sure.. even if I got back a biopsy result and it was negative, i'd say you still had it considering you ahve the symptoms and there is no other reason to have these anti gliidian results you ahve. this is so different than what my GP said, she didn't think i had it and said there are many other reasons to get the test results i have. my biopsy is dec. 8, but he said as of today, you need to be gluten free. that also goes against what what i've read here about the biopsy results but he wasn't concerned, he just felt i have to start feeling better. (yay i have an advocate finally) that sort of was a relief and also wasn't in a way. I am not relieved that i ahve a reason i've felt so terrible most of my life, but now it's going to be a tough road in staying gluten free. i looked at every can i have in my pantry and box and got rid of half of it all .. i still could probably get rid of more of it. I just don't know what to eat. I have looked at nini's starter kit. i don't know what to make of it. i am really confused today becaue i think all i can eat is bananas, eggs and tuna... i really would like crackers. my small town grocery store doens't have anything gluten free. guess i'm going to thebig city tomorrow.
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