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  1. Hey everybody! As you know, I'm from Austria and currently I'm doing an internship in Canada. Yesterday a co-worker of mine told me, that she has a lot of friends who have a gluten-allergy and who live on gluten-free. She knew everything: where to buy gluten-free products, what additives to take for feeling better etc. Then I asked her, how many of those friends have been diagnosed Celiac disease (blood test and biopsy). Her answer was surprising for me: none of them were diagnosed celiac. All of them have been to a nature's path (is this a special doctor in North America?) and only with a blood test they found out that they have an allergy against gluten. My co-worker told me that there is a difference between the two: Celiac disease is a severe allergy whereas the gluten-allergy is not severe and the symptoms when eating something with gluten, are not as painful as with celiac disease. I'm a bit confused now. In Austria, there is only one gluten-allergy: Celiac disease, and so far I've never heard that there is a difference between them. Is it true? Is there a difference? Jazzy
  2. Hi Steve, Is the ALISA test the IgG and IgA test? I had a blood test on IgG and IgA, however I didn't know that those immune globulins could play a role in food reaction. I will check out the forum for food allergy/sensitivity. Thanks! Jazzy
  3. Hi everybody, I'm from Austria, 25 years old and was diagnosed celiac disease last year (Sept 05). Since the gluten-free diet I suffer from migraine (unfortunately with aura). I personally think it's because my body is not used to the gluten-free diet yet. Has anybody else discovered the same? Cheers, Jazzy
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