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  1. I incurred almost $1000 in out of pocket bills from a emergency room visit, and I was reading about the gluten-free food being claimable on the taxes, can I claim these medical bills as well?
  2. Went to Wegmans for the first time today, which is around PA,NY,VA as far as i know... They have an isle with gluten-free stuff, which is bigger than the gluten-free isle in the health store! and ALOT cheaper! The same bread thats 5.99 in our health food store is 3.49 in wegmans, SAME brand size everything.. lots of other good stuff and Wegmans grocery store brands all list allergens including wheat on the ingredients marked "A-allergens"... NOW I can eat real foods! i should say, now i can AFFORD to eat real foods
  3. This is pretty inexpensive compaired to gluten-free Mac and cheese and its homemade/hot!!!! .. I made this because before i was diagnosed all i ate was mac and cheese, cuz its easy to make, and this is not much harder, a little messier but not much.. I still eat this virtually every day and i hope you like it.. Ingredients (Bulk recipe) Old can be stored and warmed up in the microwave or you can cut the recipe down) 4 Cups of Minute Rice 4 Cups of Water 2 Jars of RAGU brand Cheesy Cheddar sauce (According to RAGU, the MFS. is from corn, and it is gluten-free.) 1 dash of salt 2 tbsb of margarine (optional to add ham or broccoli, or anything you want!) Boil water, Add the Rice and cover, let sit about 10 minutes or until the water is gone out of the bottom (More water if you want it watery, let sit longer if you want it dry).. Add One and 1 half (or 2 if you like it REALLY cheesy) jars of the Ragu cheesy sauce, 2 tbsb of margarine, dash of salt and stir well.. You can also stir in anything you want from ham to broccoli if you like that.... Hope you can make sense of this, i put my own directions for the minute rice because the times are a bit longer for this much rice (its more than listed on the box) but i make this for a few days and warm it up cuz i hate cooking... Hope someone can enjoy it:)
  4. some koolaid (orange and blue) have maltodextrin in them, are they okay?
  5. I saw a "Electric Rice Cooker" advertised for 19.99 in home depots ad, and i was wondering what these are? How fast do they cook rice, and how do they cook it? 99 percent of what i eat is rice, and i use minute rice right now, but its 4.49 a box so if i could save a few bucks by getting a rice cooker and regular rice, that would be awesome.. i usually only have about 30 minutes or so to cook stuff early in the day before work though.
  6. I might be wrong, but dosen't Cornmeal contain wheat flour?
  7. Day two, I had to go to the hospital the pain was so overwhelming i thought it might be something worse so i did, was in pain all day terrible terrible pain, they gave me a bunch of painkillers at the hospital then let them wear off and i felt fine so, hopefully day 3 will hold better for me so i can eat some turkey with my fammy
  8. Anyone know how long the "after pain" is gunna last? I never had anything this bad before but it left me with huge pain in my stomach for going on 10 hours now, excluding the 5 that the attack was, is this gonna last long?
  9. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.. I am feeling better now, the attack lasted about 5 hours, longest most gruling thing i ever had... NEVER wheat for me again(Dont ever eat doritos despite what ppl tell u, there mroe than "corn" chips LOL!!!... I still have a faint pain in my stomach and i am sooo exhausted but other than that, im goin back to bed! thank you
  10. I just wanted to ask this on here to see if anyone knows what might have happened... I accidentilly ate DORITOS BRAND NACHO CHEESIER FLAVOR, which was the biggest mistake i ever made, because i read other bags and they had no wheat so iassumed these didnt either (ill never make that mistake gain), had a huge attack this morning thatl asted 6 hours and it was the worst thing, felt like someone stabbed me with a knife in thes tomach, anyway... about 4 or 5 days ago i had 2 pieces of cheesebread at a dinner i went to (knowing it could cause pain yeah i know im stupid) but that didnt effect me, and I want to know why these doritos caused so much pain and the bread did nothing?
  11. Does anyone have a recipe I can try next time so I won't have to worry about dropping one on my foot and ending up in the ER. hahahahha you made my day i laughed so hard when i read this, i want the recipe you have, i cant find any gluten-free recipes they all call for cornmeal which contains flour
  12. Is Tresemme gluten-free? I had no idea shampoo had gluten in it, these product makers are psycotic to use so much gluten in stuff LOL!!!
  13. I used to love mixing double cheddar with rice back in the day but it has listed FOOD STARCH.. Anyone know if it is gluten-free or not? (RAGU Cheesy Double Cheddar and RAGU Cheesy Roasted garlic parmesean)
  14. you are all so nice, I have stopped eating gluten for 2 days now, and I am already feeling better... the pain finally got the best of my habit, My new habit is reading ingredients
  15. Oh yeah and how come i cant see my post in the Coping with section? LOL perhaps i need message boarding lessons, I clicked for the emailr eply note thing so thats how i got back here, wheres my post at? LOL....
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