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  1. Newbie here....after 2+years of knowing i had to do something about my gluten intake, i finally decided it was time. i googled gluten intolerance and after visiting many sites decided to get involved here because of the well thought out forum. anyway - my mother died with islet cell cancer, which was directly related to her gluten intolerance she told me about 6 months before she died about her problem with gluten i was 57 years old i stopped taking medication prescribed for LBS i have an appointment on 1 Nov at 0925 to go over family history, etc with my doctor i have not eaten anything that contains gluten (i hope so) for 3 days now (just rice, eggs, and veggies) i have talked with my three grown (35, 33, and 20) children and let them know they should see their doctor and get checked i am investigating various stores, local and on-line, regarding gluten free products i will become gluten free i will ask a lot of questions and not accept a reply that takes the path of least resistance i will not become complacent i . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . seems like the older one gets the harder the learning curve becomes, but i relish this one. i am going to regain my health and enjoy the "twilight years" thanks for listening
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