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  1. An update on the migraines: I had a headache (both sides) on Sunday afternoon, which wasn't too bad but the painkillers (paracetemol + ibuprofen) were doing nothing for. On Monday, it moved to one side (did swap a couple of times) and got worse and worse during the day, but would sometimes almost stop hurting at times. Monday night, couldn't sleep because the pain wouldn't stop. Painkillers were doing nothing. Tuesday morning (today), its even worse. Felt dizzy standing up, I'd had nosebleeds in my sleep (not bad ones), my sinuses, which had been fine, were almost blocked. I was investigating my medicine cupboard, hoping I'd skipped over some codiene on a previous migraine hunt, and found some stuff I'd bought by accident a while ago, paracetemol + antihistamines for sinus/allergy. I took 2 of those and 2 normal paracetemol, and within half an hour I was feeling better. It wasn't precription, so I'm sure it only had weak antihistamines, but it seemed to do it. An hour later I wasn't photophobic and the noise at the shopping centre didn't phase me at all. Right now I'm feeling groggy and foggy, but not in pain. I think tomorrow I might get the doctor to do an allergy blood test.
  2. I am intolerant to milk as well, but there seems to be another intolerance there as I still get some symptoms and hella migraines (got one now )
  3. I am lactose intolerant, but I still eat it, because Mum likes me to have calcium. I'm not allergic and have actually managed to go from almost no tolerance to being able to eat small amounts of cheese and yoghurt gracefully, but normal milk and cream do hurt me. (Lactose free milk for the win I get really bad stomach cramps, more inclined to get excema. The symptoms I listed were in addition to the normal migraine symptoms - extreme noise, temperature, smell and light sensitivity, thundering head on one side (does swap), 'snowy' vision that fades to black, weakness in my hands and legs. Even when the pain stops I'm exhausted and it takes days to get out of the brain fog. The weakness in my hands is aparently a 'Focal Migraine' which means that doctors won't give me hormone treatments, for instance, birth control pills. I recently found out implanon was migraine safe, and had it put in my arm today. The doctor tried me on Pericatin, a presecription hayfever med. He told me that some people would take several of these pills daily, but wanted me to take one before bed. They made me really groggy to start, and I'd oversleep (~14hours) but I got used to them. I upped the dosage to two if my head was bad, and it seems to have improved. I still get them weekly, but not nearly so severe or so long. I live with a cat, and my sinuses are alot better at the moment, I'm guessing its the med or that the cat isn't moulting. (She doesnt cause them she's new to the house.) The Periactin hasn't gotten rid of them altogether but I'm inclined to take the improvement at this point. If I need to later I'll find one that eliminates them, but they might go away themselves yet... Also, I know headaches can be caused by off sleeping patterns and eating habits. Part of the improvement in my headaches could be that I've regulated my eating times more (not normal, but regular Cork, did you eat at the normal times before the headache? Drink enough? Sleep/wake at the same time as usual? It obviously wasn't food itself, but as you say something must have done it!
  4. Oh whoa thanks for the ideas guys! Looks like I can make breaky more interesting AND get healthier!! I can sort of cook (with practice I'm sure I'd improve) I just never know what to cook. Eggs are something that really kinda fell out of my diet lately, so I'll try having them on toast, omletes etc for breakfast! Cooking in larger portions then splitting them up is a good idea - it do it sometimes, but sometimes I find that I'm still hungry and raid the other half too Lately I have found myself to be absolutely ravenous by meal time, I've never been like this before, and it does make me want to eat more. I do eat alot of chocolate during my period. I know its not good for me but I want it bad. Usually in the form of Choc Honeycomb (choc coated sugar), and chocolate lactose free milk. I get tired more during my period that thats when I'm likely to dig into the sweets, like soft candy. Thankyou for the inspiration! I'm eating eggs and bacon on toast now I just did a pilates workout. Man, standing is so much harder than floorwork, the balance... eek! I think with all these sugeestions and a bit more exercise I should be able to get into shape!!
  5. Sorry to post two topics today, but I saw some posts in other topics that made me want to ask: are migraines a common symptom? I've been getting migraines on and off since my early teens. For the last year I've been 'migrained' for usually 5-6 days of each week. Lately they've been really bad, and my mum sent me marching (over the phone) to the doctors office. He said he wanted to see me in a few weeks before giving me preventatives. I said that wasn't good enough, doctors have been giving me the run around for the better part of 6 months when it came to my head. I went to see another doctor the same day, my head was sore and he could tell as soon as I walked in. I said straight out, I've been to a doc today and he didn't listen to me, will you please listen to me? He looked suprised, said I was most definately a candidate for migraine preventatives. He said that we'd have to trial them, there were several different types and he didn't know what would work. I don't know if its the new diet, the pills or my determination but I get about one migrainey day a week now, plus one day of brain fog. I was already on a gluten-free diet when the migraines got bad, so I dont know if they are linked. I do find that I get a migraine + abdominal pain, diareah (sorry about spelling), acne break outs (small of my back, just under my jaw, back of neck, face and in the middle of my chest). I tend to get more sores on my legs and scalp around this time too. I don't throw up but I gag alot and it takes alot of effort not to throw up. Does anyone have similar experiences with the migraines? Is it linked to the Gluten? I've already found problems with my diet on this site today (Vegemite, the other aussies here will understand my pain)... and I'm wondering how much gluten has to answer for.
  6. When I first went gluten free, it felt like EVERYTHING was contaminated. Try going right back to basics again. Check everything, your spice rack, the spreads on your toast, everything. Have you been diagnosed celiac or were you trialling the diet? And have you considered another intolerance, like lactose?
  7. Thats so sweet, that they thought of you! In a world where people are out for themselves alot of the time, its good to know some people still care for others! I nearly cried when my friends purposely cooked gluten free food so I could eat the same as everyone else. I know that it tastes plain to people who don't normally eat it, but it was nice not to have a separate meal.its a pet peeve of mine, being handed or offered cake then having it snatched away. Its not like handing it to me makes me eat it could have given it to someone else myself...
  8. I think I can do that for dinner, lately I've been eating gluten-free suasages, steaks, chicken, bacon with steamed veggies (brocoli, corn, and carrot, mainly). I also eat alot of potato (probably part of the problem). What kinds of foods would you suggest for breakfast and lunch, plus snacks? I never really learnt to cook and am not very creative in the kitchen... sorry to be so hopeless, I think hats why I got so fat, not knowing what to eat Currently I eat toast with Fruit spread or reduced fat margarine + vegemite (an australian thing), lunch is often oven cooked chips or potato based. I usually only go nuts on the 'treats' when I have my period, can't help myself, but not so bad the rest of the time.
  9. Hi all, I'm Jay, new to this forum. I'm a 20yo Aussie girl. Its really hard to write all this out and keep it short, but without the background my question is kinda hard to answer, so here goes: Why I went Gluten free two and a half years ago: (Was 17, now 20yo) Before I went gluten free, my diet consisted of: wheaten cereal and toast for breakfast, sandwhiches, crackers and noodles during the day, and pasta, lasagne, crumbed chicken and the like around dinner time. The problem was, roughly an hour after alot of my meals, my tummy would really hurt, not just like it was cramping. It felt like someone was attacking my insides with a rake, thats the only way I could explain it to the school nurse, when she wanted to know why I appeared so often after lunch. Most of the time I could ignore it but sometimes it was really bad and I couldn't. I would also randomly sweat, especially after dinner, and would get really, really hot. I moved into college when I was 17, and a couple of months later, an aquantence of mums suggested she go easy on the bread, because it was probably bloating her and causing her tummy aches. This friend had recently been diagnosed celiac. So mum explained what was wrong with her friend, and her suggestion to go easy on wheat, to see if it helped my tummy. My "symptoms": I noticed after a few weeks of going gluten free I was getting more energy and eating didn't give me huge tummy aches. I became more active and involved with sports, and more social, and lost aroung 5 kilos (10 pounds) within a couple of months, just through my lifestyle. The only difference was my diet. I also noticed a reduction in sores on my body (usually arms, legs and scalp, now only sometimes on legs and one or two in my hair.). My excema, which had been getting worse since I was 10 or so, and was particularly bad on my hands, started clearing up, and now usually only breaks out when in contact with chemicals, whereas it would do so randomly before. I wear gloves when I do the dishes and clean, and I've not had a problem recently. Most of my stomache aches now are because of my period or from too much dairy (been lactose intolerant since I was 10, but mum likes me to have some for the calcium. I can take small amounts of yogurt and cheese ok, but not really cream or straight milk.). I very rarely get night sweats when it isn't actually hot. And (sorry to be graphic) I rarely get 'the runs' anymore either. I haven't been tested, but from trial and error I know I feel better on a Gluten Free diet, for whatever reason, and thats enough for me to keep doing it. My problem Although I find myself to have more energy and to generally be more happy while eating gluten free, I've also found that lately I've put on alot of weight. At first, I lost a bit of weight because of my new found energy and spice for life. I lost almost 10kg (~20 pounds) without intentionally dieting or exercising, within around 8-9 months of going gluten free. After that it plataued, I might have put on 1 or 2 kilos over the next 12 months, but at 6'1 that hardly makes a difference (under 4 pounds). In the last 8 months though, I've put on ALOT of weight. somewhere between 10-15 kilos (20-30 pounds). I think its to do with the diet - rice is the main subsitute in the foods I eat and when I cook from scratch. I've been gluten free for about 2.5 years. So, my question is - How do you eat gluten free, and still eat low GI foods? What is another substitute for wheat that doesn't have so many carbs? Is there a good gluten free diet out there that you've used and kept in shape? I'm looking to lose weight, but find that the things that I used to use as a teen - diet shakes, diet muesli bars and cereal, I find they all are wheaten. Cooking a filling meal without using rice in some form is really hard. any suggestions?
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