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  1. AGE 24-Came down with flu like symptoms-massive fatigue, dizziness-out of work for 2 weeks Never recovered from Fatigue-Aches Diagnosed in 1997 with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia diagnosed with IBS several times severe Jaw/TMG aching Headaches-sensitivity to light/especially fluorescent lights Always bloated, intolerant to certain dairy. Sent to Shrinks everywhere, They tried to convince me it was depression. 12 years later-had to go 2 days without food, from elevation sickness. Felt AWESOME. did some research, had Enterolab test, diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity etc.. It took 12 years, and the whole time it was only food? egad....dr's are clueless
  2. I was diagnosed years ago (12) with Lyme disease, but then saw a specialist and he said i do not have Lyme disease. However he never did any tests? I wonder if I do have it. i don't have any of the major symptoms, like rashes, bells palsy etc...do you?
  3. Hey, I just recently started eating Gluten Free and was diagnosed and I KNOW sex is better. It's amazing. What a great positive to eating gluten free. Good for you and me!
  4. Hi Sally, I am a woman, not pregnant. I've had my thyroid checked several times and it appears normal. I am getting over a cold and do have my "." right now. maybe that's it. The symptoms are a little better today, after I slept 10 hours straight. I have been feeling better on a gluten free diet and don't know what I might have eaten over the weekend. Maybe eating out is just too hard to monitor. Do you eat out a lot? Denise
  5. Fellow Celiacs, I have been recently diagnosed with gluten sensitivity on Enterolab. Today, I have no idea what I did, but I am so fatigued, exhausted, head ache and can barely think. I wonder, is it only the gluten, can it get this bad overnight? No bathroom issues, but muscle, joint, face aches and pure exhaustion. I don't know how I keep a fast paced job when I really just want to lay down. anyone have these symptoms this bad? How long do they last if I mistakenly glutened myself? Arrrgggghhhh.....
  6. By the way your doggie, is VERY cute. I often wonder if I handle dry dog food, if that can affect my gluten? I feed them Beneful.... Anyways, I honestly think from gathering data and reading these type boards, that a lot of sick people have allergies to preservatives or chemicals. So going Gluten free sometimes makes them go organic, thus the relief in symptoms. Either way, if you feel better, go with it. I'm going to work on honing in on the other things that might be making me sick also. I didn't get a Casein screening, or Soy. I will start removing these from my diet and keeping a diary of how I feel. Do you think I should get the gene test after the diagnosis of the Gluten Sensitivity? Or is it a waste of money at this point?
  7. Sure, I didn't do the gene part of the test ($$$) Fecal Antigliadin IgA 64 (normal range <10) Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 33 (normal range <10) Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score-NORMAL <300 units That's odd. I keep worrying that it's a scam for them to make money. Maybe I don't want to admit I'm really sick...? Maybe you're only allergic to certain dairies. I can eat cheese, eggs, but NO milk, ice cream or I get ill. But oddly enough since I've gone gluten free, I ate ice cream the other day with no problems...? egad...
  8. Hi all, I got my results back today and I am gluten sensitive. Can I be SURE these tests are right? Are there false positives?
  9. Hello, Thank you so much for your responses. I sent my sample in on 11/22 which was right before Thanksgiving, so not counting that Thurs, Friday and weekend, it took 8 days. I know its very hard waiting. I must have checked the web site for results a hundred times. hang in there. I never thought I would be so happy to find out that I am sick. But at least now I know what I am dealing with. Denise
  10. Hello everyone, I am fairly new to this board and have recently received my Enterolab results back. Can anyone help me interpret these? Fecal Antifliadin IgA 64 (normal range <10 units) Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 33 units (normal range <10 units) Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score <300 units (normal range <300 units) It says I hav an active dietary gluten sensitivity. I feel relieved that I finally found out what is wrong. Is there any such thing as a FALSE positive on these tests? Please help. Denise
  11. I cheated this weekend. I love chicken wings from Outback and I snapped ate about 6 of them. I feel bloated and my eyes and head hurt today. Can anyone give me the usual side effects of cheating and how long it takes to get it out of your system? Can I drink more water to remove it quicker?
  12. Hi All, I am scheduled to have blood tests this Monday. If I eat Gluten all weekend, will it be back in my system enough to test Celiac?
  13. Are 2 days with Gluten enough time for it to get back in my system and show up on blood tests? I hate to do this to myself, but I need to know. I want that documentation that says I AM SICK and it's not in my head like others have told me. It means so much to me and I"m scared that I DON'T have it actually. Anyone experience this?
  14. Yes, I am also on anti-depressants-Paxil 20mg. So it could be that. But I'm still on them and eating gluten free and my teeth and jaws do feel a bit better....might be something.
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