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  1. Before I was diagnosed with coeliac the aching bones were my main symptom. It was abit strange how it all came about..I went to bed one night feeling fine..and woke up the next morning feeling as if I'd aged about 50 years over night. And from then on my bones ached constantly for about 2 years. It was only really in the last few months before they realised that I had coeliac that I started to get the stomach pains and all of that. One thing that did help a bit, for a little while at least with my aching..was accupunture. Well the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me..they thought I had some weird form of arthritis that didn't show up on any tests they did, then they thought it was bone cancer...it went on for months. The other thing is just to have plenty of hot baths and use hot water bottles, they can give you some relief as well. take care, Kirsty.
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