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  1. Osteoporosis I was 33 when doctors did a bone density. I was equal to a 74 and 77 year old in the measurements. I grew up with broken bones ...A LOT. I lost all my upper teeth by age 19! That is a lot of malosorption Learn- Fosamax Is a miracle drug! (There are other medications now). My bones are 20%+ stronger. THAT is a huge number. My bones are now all normal except the low back that takes a bit longer rebuilding! Pain. I grew up with terrible joint, bone and muscle pain caused by the osteoporosis and Lupus. Both associated with Celiac. Both not expected in men so I was 33 before a diagnosis. Lupus numbers dropped with the correction of the Osteoporosis. (Lupus is affected by physical and emotional stresses.) I write to emphasis the importance of Fosamax. It may be a nuance to take first thing in the morning. Just, do it for your self. My personal dream today is to play a game of baseball. I never did! I’m 50 this year. I spent growing up in pain and very ill. I then spent 10 years using a electric wheelchair! Today I can run a track … which is good for someone 50 also. This is all due to Fosamax. Celiac led to Osteoporosis and high Lupus numbers. Fosamax IS a miracle pill that is winning both. Dee
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