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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows of any support groups that gather in Spokane, WA...or any surrounding areas near Spokane? I am newly diagnosed celiac disease and am hoping to get some info from other celiac disease sufferers. Hope we Spokane people can find eachother!!! -Kristine
  2. Hello. I also have diverticulitis, along with celiac disease too...had an attack last Spring (2006). The two antibiotics I was put on to treat the occurance made me feel nauseous and I had no appetite also and yes...I had the metallic taste in my mouth too. Usually the antibiotics are a two week course...it will be a difficult two weeks but it is important she finishes her meds. I was so close to stopping the meds bc they did make me feel so lousy...but I knew the symptoms were temporary and I just buckled down and finished them. Apple juice, jello and popsicles saved me. Good Luck and Take care. -Kristine
  3. So you actually gained weight from eating gluten before your DX? Did you have a weight problem before symptoms started? I have always had weight problems...so I knew when I started losing weight absolutely effortlessly, eating whatever...something was up. I have been tested 4 times since July for Giardia (intestinal parasite)...all test coming back negative. Finally, I just broke down with my doctors and told her I couldn't take any more. I have been violently ill for three months now!! I do not lose weight effortlessly. So FINALLY she did more labwork, this time a blood test. Today is my last day to eat gluten (Dr's orders...have to have gluten in my system for the biopsy to come back positive...biopsy in 2 days)...so I am eating my last Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. I am not a big pizza fan but I knew this was going to be the last time I ever get it. I am fiercely afraid that the weigt is just going to pack back on with everything I have read. "Gluten free food is very fattening..." Here I have struggled my whole life trying not to be obsessed with food, and I am now diagnosed with a disease that only allows for obsession of "gluten free" food to stay alive. Jeesh! God sure plays funny tricks on us. This time, not so funny. Take care. Kristine
  4. Hello. I am new here. I go in in a couple of days for my biopsies to confirm that I truly have celiac disease. I have been violently ill since July and the dr.s finally took blood tests to check for celiac disease. To be perfecty honest, I am darn happy that I can actually call what I have a name! I thought my sickness was all in my head...dr's were just chalking it up to be IBS. My question might seem silly...but I have battled a weight problem my whole life. (always 50-70 lbs overweight usually) Anyways...I have dropped 35 lbs effortlessly since July...now I am only about 30 lbs overweight. Though I have been sicker than a dog...the weight loss has been a nice side efect. I still have to consume gluten right now...until my biopsy...and I am so looking forward to being gluten-free. I cannot wait to feel better. I know a significant diet change is in my real near future...and thank goodness, I have a reason to eat healthier now. So that leads to my question. Are most celiac disease people thinner? Besides malabsorbtion problems and diet change...it would make sense that they are. I guess I am trying to stay positive and use this as a tool to being healthier AND thinner!!...finally. I am fully aware about the seriousness of this disease and respect fully the changes I need to make...I am just hoping my silver lining through this all is getting to my goal weight. Any replies would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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