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  1. I usually just use my bread recipe and the disposable tins from the market....they work great. The recipe I use is one I got on the Whole Foods Market website. It tastes great and has a nice moist texture that doesn't crumble. Here is the URL : http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/br...read_brown.html This is a recipe that the Red Star Yeast company developed. It uses white and brown rice flour. I have substituted either tapioca flour or buckwheat flour ( a derivative of the rhubarb plant) for the brown rice portion. I don't actually use any white rice flour just brown with either tapioca or buckwheat. It is sooooo good. Hope you enjoy. Let me know if this URL doesn't work, as I got the recipe off of their site a year ago...if I need to I will type it into this blog. It is also vegetarian. Just click on the URL...it works!
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