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  1. HI. I'm running the race as well and was recently diagnosed with Celiac. In fact I ran NYC yesterday and I now know I need to learn a bit more about nutrition and distance racing. I cashed hard at 22 miles. I plan to bring all my own food for the night before. We have a kitchenette where we're staying. Good luck! Eddie
  2. Hi. This has nothing to do with Celiac it has evetyhting to do with your shoes. I've been running for 13 years, very competitivly, and have delt with this for all my years as have many of my team mates. I was recently diagnosed celiac and had no symptoms until March 2006, but have had many toenails fall off. The casue id the toe rubbing agaist the shoe, ususally on distnace runs whis tight shoes, and a blister forms under the nail. Eventually it turns black and then falls off (or you can pull it off) then it grows back. OI wouldn't worry about it although it's not that pretty. No sandals for a while. Eddie
  3. Hey Josh. How'd Philly go. Question for you. I was diagnoseed with celiac disease 4 weeks ago and just ran the NYC MArathon. I was shooting for 3 or just under and was on pace until I ran out of gas at mile 22. I've hit the wall before, but this was brutal. I was damn near falling down. I trained big-time for this race includung a 20,22,23,24,26 & 26 run, but this was the first distance race I've done on this new diet and I think I'm just not doing someting right. The day before I ate Gluten-free pasta and bread and drank my usual abundance of gatorade. Day of the race I ate a buckwheat pancake at 4:30am banana at 8:30am and Gu's before the race and each hour. I also take Endualytes. I felt physically fine thru 22 and that was it. No cramping, not dehydrated but I was history none the less. Do you have any advice on pre-marathon nutrition. I want to get this right before Boston in April 2007. Thanks- Ed
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