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  1. I should have said gluten free I guess my blood test came back negative but allgery test came up positive for wheat buckwheat eggs so at this point its an elimination and so far feel better going gluten free its all very frustrating to me because I tell my dr my symptoms and asked him what I should be doing he said wel try going gluten free its like they don't know what to do with me. I know I don't feel good and I am not a hypochondriac .
  2. thanks for the reply I will try the folic acid I am not taking anything at this point. I have had my gallbladder removed almost 2 years ago and since then I seem to be getting worse with a lot of foods I can't eat acidy stuff like tomato sauce or fruit like stawberries. If I eat a lot I get a sour stomache and real nauseos I was taking altoids peppermint and realized they were making everything worse. I am seeing a gastro guy but can't get in till 7-26. without the wheat I seem to be less gassy/beloated but I know I am not eating right becasue so many things make me feel bad.
  3. I have been wheat free for 2 weeks now the first week I noticed no change except withdrawl I am now starting to feel better its exciting. My question is it seems my throat is sore and my chest seems to burn like my esphogaus is on hurting. Are there two problems maybe gerd or is that my esphogaus healing? This board has really been a source of help to not feel so alone.
  4. i HAVE BEEN WHEAT FREE SINCE fRIDAY and feel better havn't gotten any energy back how long does that take? Also I feel like I am in withdrawl can this happen? I really miss bread I tried tapico loaf and almost threw up. ANy good ones out there? How do you all do it?
  5. I haven't been officially dx yet I think I am in denial I don't want to find out I have this but yet am sick of living in the bathroom. I go in on Tuesday to have my blood drawn. This board has helped me see that people can cope with this and gave me the final push to go in.
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