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  1. I get these too; seems like it comes from sugary or salty foods. I get small ones on my cheeks sometimes and other times I get larger ones on my tongue - those are usually bigger and deeper and take several days to heal. It's weird - they just seem to appear instantly.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I totally agree with the posts saying that celiac can trigger anexoria! I was diagnosed with celiac almost three years ago and I still struggle with eating sometimes, although I have come a long way. Every day is a battle - some more than others. When I was first diagnosed, the change in diet and the increased cost of the food and a lot of other factors caused me to eat a lot less. Plus, I always enjoyed bread and the gluten-free varieties just aren't the same, so I ate less of them. The decrease of carbs in general in my diet caused my weight to go down. I started out at 140 - 145 lbs; at the end of December, I was down to 100. I'm usually between 110 and 115 now, but for someone my height (5' 10"), that's really underweight. I have a family situation like someone else described where food = love and if you don't eat how much I think you should, then you don't love me, which puts this unspoken expectation out there at every meal, especially at holidays or other family gatherings, where the normal mode for most people is to stuff yourself. And the people in my wife's family have weight issues, but the opposite of me. My family tends to be more on the slim side; I've never been overweight, but I used to be able to stuff myself to appease them, but I just can't anymore. I've gotten over most of the guilt of the cost of the food. Remember - what you don't spend on food will be spent on doctor bills if you're malnourished. I have to keep reminding myself of that. And yes, I sometimes binge and eat too much - and regret that too. Hang in there.
  4. I saw his site and was impressed. Have you had personal experience with him?
  5. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Some days are better, some are worse. It seems like when I eat sweets is when I get the coldest, so I am trying to avoid them, which is a little more challenging this time of year. Not that I ever had a sweet tooth, but there were a few holiday treats that I can't have anymore. I've found a few recipes and that's good enough for me. Overall, I'm still losing weight, though, because for the most part, the more I eat, the worse I feel. I get edgy, cold, sometimes kind of 'out of it'. Some days I can push myself to eat - other days, not so much. As for the food cost issue, I've gotten past it to a point - as much as I can for now. It's cheaper to spend a little more on food than to cause more health problems that will require more trips to the doctor. Speaking of that, I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow. The last blood test I had showed a low white blood cell count. It's been four months since I was diagnosed, so I'm hoping my levels return to normal soon. Low iron was what triggered this whole thing. I might have to go see a hematologist. Great, another doctor - that's just what I want! I'm kinda disappointed with my Gastroenterologist. Anyone have a recommendation for a good one in the Chicago area - western suburbs? Thanks!
  6. I know it's been a while since anyone responded to this post and it seems to have gotten off the original topic a bit, but I'd like to throw my two cents in. I was diagnosed with celiac back in August and I have been struggling with an eating disorder ever since. For me, I think it's the guilt of the food costing so much more and all of the grief that it has caused my wife; she does a lot of the cooking for us and this made her have to completely overhaul her menu planning and recipies and grocery purchases, etc. When I was diagnosed, I weighed 140-145 pounds - I'm 5' 10". Right now, I'm around 120-125; I've been as light as 118. Yes, I keep checking myself every couple of days. I will force myself to not eat or to eat smaller portions in order to 'make the food go further'. But sometimes, I binge eat for an hour or two, then I feel overly stuffed since my stomach has shrunken so much and I go back to not eating enough. Sometimes, I feel very cold or just kinda 'out of it', but I've learned how to deal with it for the most part. I'm not sure if this was the original intention of this thread, but to whoever is going through similar feelings to mine, you're not alone.
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