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  1. Here is my experience: Gluten intolerance runs in the family.... at around 35 I began noticing that I was l becoming lactose intolerant. At the same time I began noticing that perfume, aftershave, and smoke was beginning to bother me as well. When I turned 40 I went 10 days without gluten - this was to see if I felt better when gluten-free. On the 10th day I ate a large slice of fresh wheat bread with my dinner and within 5 min I had an intense hot flash that for the rest of the meal. Unfortunately I was at a fancy restaurant at the time. All I wanted to do was go home! That evening I slept without covers and was uncomfortably hot all night - sleeping was difficult as I was too hot to sleep well. The next day I noticed that I felt unusually warm throughout much of morning. I am not strictly gluten free but have cut back on wheat/bread/pasta. During spring and fall allergy seasons I try to go gluten free as I loose my vitality, focus, and tend to suffer. I have never attempted duplicate my 10 day gluten-free experiment but may do so soon as I have noticed that I am getting frequent cold hands and knees and more often-than-not have low-body temperature (97.8
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