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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Dear 'ravenwoodglass' and Marcia, thank you sooo much for answering my Questions, i'm feeling realy worried and wish this would all go away. i'm so sorry you've had so many problems with this stupid gluten thing and i hope we all can get better by staying gluten free.my issues are very much my balance, swallowing, brain fog, is terrible with a bit of memorie loss thrown in. How anoying. i just wish we all had of known before it attacked our brains. i makes me feel sick even thinking about it. i didnt get back to you quickly, for some reason when ever i log in here, it try's to stop me, and i have to keep getting a new password ect. dough! i'm not great with computers. he he i'll say a little preyer for us all. thanks again. jenny
  3. hello , could you tell me if ataxia is progressive or not. jenny
  4. Hi, yep diagnosed with dyslexia as a child and after going on a gluten free diet alot of my problems have gone i can now sit and read alot. before it was too tireing, i still cant spell very well , and my numbers always got mixed up, but i think what you could be suffering from is just strieght out brrain fog, which is really hard on the memory , i often lose words and cant remember things as a result of the damage gluten crap has done to me. good luck jen
  5. Hi my names is jenny i'm new and need to find out what vitamins i need to buy for treating my celiac just a lisy will do , thankyou so much. jenD
  6. thank you, i'm having an MRI very soon. so we'l see for sure i suppose what it is. i do take subl B12 but only just recently. just so tired from all the rocking and bobbing i have. my balance is shocking. i had an Mri 11 years ago so if something isnt showing by now , it never will. i'm like every one , i just want answers. and i worry so about my daughter. with this celiacs thing. kind regards jenny
  7. Hi all, i'm wondering if any one could tell me what specific mri tests should be performed to check for gluten ataxia, as i have all the symptoms of gluten ataxia, and just want to get it right. medical proffesion in Australia dont seem to know much celiacs let alone gluten ataxia, and i need help! i know it is to do with the cerabella and atrophy ect, been gluten free 2 years with great success, all symptoms gone except , my ataxia. thanks kind regards jenny
  8. Hi Emi, Im from Australia, i so hear what you're saying ive been gluten free for 2 years and have found it tough to get any DR hear that understands celiac enough to help me in anyway, its realy hard to help youre own family when no one will listen to you, ive got atxia problems, i believe due to the years of undiagnosed celiacs, and its taken its toll on my mental health. i'm so at wits end, the medical proffession is so far behind in this matter here that i'm left to help myself, convincing them to do tests has been a nightmare to say the least, they say stupid stuff like OH but you'd have the runs not constipation if you had celiacs. i'm so distressed at the moment as i now see my daughter and other family members showing health problems, but no one will listen to me due to no confirnation of celiac. so i'm off for an MRI next week, to see what damage has been done to my brain,due to malabsorbtion of B12. i hope you get some results soon for you and youre family. take care. jenny
  9. Hi Lynne, I've also had many years of wobbling stumbling and stupid Dr's, telling me it was in my head! and I even started to believe them,ENT's Gastro E,Neurol, sphycs, and the list and bills pilled up, so i decided to fix at least one thing in my life, it was my IBS, I did this by an elimination diet, 8 weeks off dairy (nothing) 8 weeks off wheat i couldnt believe the change! which I wont bore you with, now 12 months off gluten, on my own, woke up one morning with normal gait. after 13 years of falling wobbling crying and wanting to die, still cant get a diagnoses for celiacs, as Australian DRs or specialists know little to nothing of this gluten Ataxia, or very little about celiacs. I do not have any other symptoms than, IBS,ADDall my life,Insomnia, restless legs,ichy skin all over ,pin like pricks in my eyes face, feet and legs,cronic consterpation, I'm know this isnt any help to you , but I just wanted to post to you so that you may feel some hope, that I have become almost normal by staying gluten free. now I just have to convince a Dr to give me vitamin injections without having to get a lecture first. kind regards, jenny.
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