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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. We love 5 guys. Their burgers and fries are yummy. My husband does not have typical symptoms for celiac disease so we really wouldn't know about cross contamination because it wouldn't show up with him. But, they are great about serving without the bun and one store even wrapped his burger in lettuce leaves for him. Just go at a time when they aren't so busy. I don't think the burgers are qreasy. No more than any other burger joint. At least you know what is in the meat and don't have to worry about that. I say "yea" for any place that at least tries to do gluten-free. Belinda in NC
  3. [Hi, hope I am not too late. I couldn't remember my password when I first read this. lol Suggestions for Greensboro.. Bonefish Grill on Highpoint Rd. in front of Four Season Mall. gluten-free menu. Wonderful food, service, ambiance etc. gluten-free dessert too. Also, PF Chang's in Greensboro. Just ate there for my daughters b-day. Very good. Hope this helps. Belinda in NC quote name='jetiduncan' date='Mar 23 2009, 12:22 PM' post='519697'] We are heading to New Bern, NC in two weeks and I have contacted a few people in North Carolina but they really weren't too up on gluten-free restaurants in the area. Does anyone know of a good place near New Bern, NC? We will be there for a week... We will only be in Greensboro for an evening and I'm sure there is probably an Outback somewhere around that we can drive to, but I was hopeful I might find some experienced diners in the area that could offer an alternative from the limited menu's at many chains and maybe a good ice cream place. We have found some great places in our area.. North Indianapolis/Noblesville, IN and know of a few in other states where we have traveled before. Of course, we'll be packing the coolers for the drive but was looking forward to being able to dine out as a family on vacation... (So I don't spend my vacation cooking which is no different then being at home... )
  4. Thanks for the response. My daughters symptoms are. Occasional very bad diarrhea (she has pretty much figured out that this is in response to eating the typical foods that cause IBS, red meat, coffee etc.) She has gone to the gastro doc mostly because of problems feeling like she is choking sometimes or can't swallow right. most recentlly she had an endoscopy because it got so bad one morning it scared her. turned out to have candida (yeast) in her esophagis. She also has bad gas. The doc told her this morning that it thought it sounded like lactose intolerance or maybe corn. I notice you mention corn allergy. How did you discover that? Well, thanks ladies for your responses. I guess it wouldn't hurt for her to go to the allergist at least once to see what they say.
  5. Hi everyone, just looking for people on this board who may suffer from other food allergies besides those associated with Celiac. My daughter has had multiple symptoms over the past year and has seen a gastro doc. She has had two biopsies for celiac, both negative so he now thinks she may be allergic to some other food and is sending her to an allergist. Is this the route most people take to figure out food allergies?? Seems expensive. Looks like she could just do a process of elimination of the most common foods that cause problems and figure it out herself. Just wondering if that isn't what the allergist will do anyway. just process of elimination. Her budget is tight right now so just curious if those who have sufffered from other food allergies would reccomend going to the allergist or trying to figure out herself Thanks for any help. Belinda in NC
  6. Thanks so much Becca. We will definitely be checking that out. We love Asheville and are usually up that way at least once a year. Now, I have some new places to take my Celiac hubby as a surprise. Thanks again. Belinda in Lexington (come on down for the 25th BBQ Festival on the 25th) BBQ and slaw is gluten-free (just skip the bun)
  7. We just ate there for the first time at the beach although there are two in nearby towns. The food and service were excellent. It was nice to order dessert for once. It seems more and more places are learning about celiac. That is such good news for everyone. Belinda
  8. Wow, that restaurant sounds awesome. We live in Lexington so would be about a 2 hour drive but sounds like it would be worth it. Maybe stop there on our way somewhere or just make it a day trip. Is it on North or South main st? Do you know what days they are open? Wonder why they don't advertise as serving gluten-free bread etc. I bet they would see an increase in business fast. Thanks for the tip. Belinda
  9. Hi FF, this recipe sounds great. I have a similar one that my hubby loves. What amount of Cornmeal is needed. Someone else asked that also. Thanks. Belinda in NC
  10. Hi, just noticed this post about Austin. My brother lives there and when we visited in April we went to the Wild Wood Cafe on Bee Cave Rd. It is a gluten free restaurant and is awesome. My husband was so thrilled to be able to order pancakes in a restaurant. Everyone else got reg. french toast that was the best I've ever eaten. Served with fresh fruit. Can you say yummo!! They have all kinds of delicious baked gluten-free foods. If you live near there or are visiting it is well worth the trip. Belinda in NC
  11. Hi everyone. My sweet hubby has celiac which was diagnosed 1 1/2 yrs. ago. I found this site back then and read some posts about people who had seizures as a result of celiac. There never seems to be much said about that here. I assume it is fairly rare. I would love to correspond with anyone else who has or had seizures as a result of eating gluten. My husband had no other symptoms (except failure to thrive as a baby) He wasn't diagnosed until he was 52 and became anemic and had some strange passing out episodes. My husband has not had a seizure in well over a year and we are so thrilled. We are hoping that he will be able to come off his meds one of these days although that is a scary prospect. Just the fear that he will start having seizures again. The damage may be too severe. One bad thing is, since he doesn't get stomach upset it is hard to know if he accidentally gets glutened. It's also hard to make him be extra careful. Anyone else with seizure related Celiac?? Love to hear from you or to receive any links to info on the subject. Belinda in NC
  12. Hi Lisa, definitely sounds like thyroid to me. I am a long time thyroid patient. You should go to thyroid.about.com. and post questions to their forum. (lower left corner of main page) The hardest thing will be to find a good doctor as you will understand after you do some reading on that site. Where do you live? There is a list of top docs on the site for different states. check it out. If you can find a good doc that will treat symptoms and not just look at numbers from your bloodwork, hopefully you can feel better soon. Good luck! Belinda in NC (my hubby has celiac & thyroid issues)
  13. Hi, I realize this is an old post but my husband & I are coming to Wilmington this weekend for a few days vacation. (We live in Lexington) and was interested in this. Does Carrabba's have a gluten free menu? I will check out the Cold Stone website. What I'm really interested to know is if Kohl's frozen custard is gluten-free? We love it but haven't been there since my hubby found out he has celiac in Dec. Thanks for any info Belinda I live in Wilmington too and it's tough! Carrabba's and Cold Stone (check their website). Otherwise I eat a lot of sad side dishes.
  14. Hope my title wasn't confusing. I am interested to know if anyone who takes medication such as thyroid replacement hormone or seizure meds find that they need to adjust their med dosages after going gluten free. My husbands thyroid doc seems to think that he may start absorbing his meds better after he is healed from being glutened so long. And therefore , might need to lower his dosage. He is actually still working on getting his thyroid levels where they need to be and now she wants to hold off on any increases in meds because of the celiac diagnosis. Concerned about his seizure meds too. (although we hope that maybe celiac is the reason for the seizures so may someday he will get to stop them altogether.... that would be awesome) Any input would be appreciated. Belinda in NC
  15. Hi Marcia, my husband was just diagnosed in December and I have been reading a lot here to try and learn as much as possible. Your mention of seizures caught my attention. My husband has seizures also. In fact, he did not have any of the classic symptoms of celiac until he became anemic several months ago. He has probably had it his whole life because when he was around 1 yr old he almost died because he wasn't absorbing nutrients. Then he was ok until he was around 18 when he started having seizures. If he hadn't started giving blood a few years back (which probably led to the anemia) I doubt we would have a diagnosis yet. (he is 53) I would love to hear about your experience with celiac and seizures. Are you seizure free now? My hubby goes back to his neurologist next month and I would love to have some good info to share with him and for my hubby to possibly come off his meds or at least reduce them eventually. Thanks for any info. Belinda in NC
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