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  1. I use the patch which is the first birthcontrol I have never gotten sick from. Normal pills and such made me sooooo sick, but the patch it good and gluten-free.
  2. Last year someone linked or sent me a list and I can't remember the name to google it of gluten dree products that you can buy at like wal-mart and stuff.
  3. Thanks so much for all the recomendations. I actually won't be drinking because we're on convention and it's a no-drinking policy. THe ting that worries me the most is quick meals, as I often only had a little over an hour. Though dinner a few times we have (supposedly) 4 hours. Though I found a place 20 minutes by car to a sandwhich showp that has gluten-free stuff so I'll be cutting it close but hopefully can make it.
  4. I used to work for Disney on College Proagam and that is actually where I heard about Cealic (never knew one day I would be diagnosed) but I will tell you if anyone EVER gives you a problem about seeing anything or such go straight to guest services at the front of the park. I worked in the candy shop in MGM but all the candy shops get the same product. I can't remember what was gluten-free exactly but there was stuff.
  5. THis coming August I am spending my 21at birthday in Portland. We will be there for 5 days and as I am flying I can't bring stuff like I do when I drive. So I am looking for places with relativly cheap food and am even hoping to find maybe a bakery.
  6. I might make this tomorrow if I don't have to work. Been craving cake and haven't found a recipe that doesn't sound too outlandish.
  7. Yeah, i'm gonna try the back corner as our lab period is completely filled.
  8. This weekend my cousin and I went to Zeas in the mall here in New Orleans and had an amazing experience. One of the reasons we went there is becuase there is very little gluten is used in. A fried chicken (which is the only thing fried) pita chips, buns and pasta. So it seemed pretty safe as most the the menu is rotisserie and grilled. It turned out to be even better. I didn't tell the waitress at first I needed gluten-free, but I did ask if the tortilla chips we pure corn. Once I asked that I didn't see the waitress except for drinks. The chef came out and talked me through the menu (all of which I knew I could and couldn't eat). I had the meat special of the day which was chicken with pure corn corn grits and buttered sweet potatoes. I was a little disappointed as I couldn't my usual which was the only fried thing on the menu and an amazing diping sauce. However the sauce was gluten free and the chef brought it to me seperate for dipping my chicken in. As I was leaving I commented on how P.F. CHangs had a gluten free menu and he made a comment that they really didn't need one, (which is true), that people only needed to let the chef and waitress know. All in all I highly recommend it. There are a few here in La, and sadly only 4 outside of La, but if you have one near you I would say go.
  9. I think the thing that scares me the most is the beer. It's so easy to spill and such and if it touches my skin it's horrible. I think I'm not so scared of me handling it, but being in a class with 20 something other people whose actions I can't control. We use to think it was exzema but now that I'm gluten-free it's gone.
  10. I look for easy. And quick. Cakes, (chocolate espically)and cookies and such.
  11. I can't get it through my professor's head that I can't deal with gluten. I'm a junior in college and studying Biology this semester (first time taking a lab) and this week we're looking at wheat startch, and in a few weeks beer. I told her today I can't touch or ingest gluten and her response was wear gloves. I'm finally starting to just feel better and now this. How do y'all deal with teachers at the schools for these problems. As preschool teacher I take allergies seriously and am upset this professor (who by the way spent 3 lecture periods talking about intolerances) to realize gluten is dangereous to me.
  12. I went to the Whole Foods here in New Orleans on Thursday looking for something quick (I was still in the middle of running errands.) And was looking at their salad and soup bar and the soups are clearly labeled on bottom what is in them. Their chicken and sausage gumbo was gluten free. It contained soy but nothing else and i double checked the ingredients. It was nice and thick like gumbo, not really seasoned that well but I just used some seasoning mix and got it nice and tasty. though i was almost freaking out on the phone with dad I was so excited.
  13. I'm not alone. I always knew it damaged teeth but omg. I had braces and had perfect teeth health wise before braces, I got the braces off and had pretty much a mouth full of cavaties (all had been under brackets). It's the most embarassing thing but to know I'm not alone helps so much!
  14. We loved the watermelon party too. But our testing was later in the year (between Mid-March through Mid-April). But we'd have sees spitting contest, like tic tac toe and such. It was great becuase it was healthy and we were outside!
  15. THose children are lucky. When I was in elementary school we got celery, carrots, apples, bananas, raisins. The last day of testing as a "treat" we had a mini watermelon party right after lunch.
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