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  1. For anyone searching for a good Doc... I've been going to Dr. Louis Morsbach at Central Bucks Specialists (CBS) (http://www.centralbucksspecialists.com/) for my ulcerative colitis for a while now. I only learned about celiac and gluten a few months ago and have been gluten-free ever since b/c of how dramatic my improvement was. Today was the first time I met with him to talk about Celiac and I was concerned what his reaction would be. To my surprise, he was great, and suggested that we go ahead with testing to confirm if it's Celiac or just an intolerance or whatever. Overall he was very receptive and knowledgeable about Celiac, the symptoms and it's relatively unknown prevalence in the US. He even had a Dr.'s primer on Celiac that he gave me, but i was already familiar with most of it b/c of this forum. CBS is located in Doylestown, PA, so it's a small hike outside of Philly, but Dr. Morsbach has always been great. There are several other gastroenterologists there and I'd imagine that they too would be familiar.
  2. That's awesome. I'm going to both of those out. Thanks to you and the previous poster for the info.
  3. Good point. When I meet with my doc in a few weeks I'm gonna have to make sure that I we discuss both the intolerance and celiac as possibilities. Since I'm new to this, I use the terms interchangeably, but they're obviously two different afflictions. I think my Dr.'s pretty good, he's been considerate and open minded so far, hope he doesn't think I'm way off base. But by the time I see him again I will have been gluten-free (hopefully) for more than a month, and if I'm feeling that much better, it'll be kinda hard to deny that I've stumbled onto something. Can you have a wheat intolerance? or just an allergy? Josh
  4. Nice. I'll have to check it out with the company, but it sounds promising. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I've checked it, but everything in NY is in or around the city, I'm gonna be in the sticks of western ny....or as we like to think of ourselves...the armpit of NY. Josh
  6. Got really sick last October, bloating, pain, constipation, blood, etc.., family doctor thought it was a virus...not so much. Went to a GI, started UC meds, had a colonoscopy shortly thereafter w/ biopsies throughout lower C. He said I probably had UC, but can never be sure if you truly have UC or Crohn's, or Crohn's Colitis. He did find one granuloma, which is what you usually find in your upper GI if you have Crohn's, but they're supposed to be clustered. Then had an upper GI small bowel follow through in Jan, confirmed no Crohn's. Then I got real sick this April...went in the hospital, lost 23 lbs. in 12 days and was super anemic, had CT scan, indicated that my Lower I. was wicked inflamed. Had to go on steroids for a while, also had a new doctor since I moved. General consensus has always been UC. I've always kinda supsected Crohn's b/c sometimes my upper guts feel more messed up then my lower and it's obivious my entire GI is not functioning properly. But then I found out about celiac disease and now I think I'm on to something. Josh
  7. Anyone know of restaurants w/ Gluten-Free menus in western new york? I'm heading home to my small town of Olean, NY, about an hour south of Buffalo, and am pretty new to dealing with celiac so I've never thought about it before when I'm there. It's a pretty small town, so there aren't many chain restaurants, but I'm looking for anything w/in a reasonable radius (30-45 mins.) Thanks. Josh
  8. Does anyone know if NO xplode is Gluten-Free? I haven't contacted the company yet, but the only thing I saw on the ingredients that I noticed was the maltodextrin. Many of my friends swear by this stuff to give you a big energy boost before lifting. I think it has alot to do with all the B -vitamins. If it's no good, any other suggestions? Thanks. Josh
  9. Thanks! I don't know about the hyperlink problem, but I found it on Amazon, looks excellent. I'm going to order it today. That's the exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. It looks like there's some info in there regarding testing, but until I can get the book...if I go gluten free and see my symptoms dissipate, then get the blood tests, will they come back as negative? i'd hate to have to go back on the G just for a test. rather just get the biopsy. ...maybe this means I don't even have UC...that would be freakin sweet. Thanks again. Josh
  10. This is my first time posting, so pardon any inadvertent fo pahs....how the hell do you spell fo pah?? ALso pardon the length, it got out of hand quickly. Anywho, in short I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a little over a year ago and have been messing around with different meds, foods, etc. Nothing has really seemed to knock it out completely. I recently came across an article in USA Today about celiac disease. W/o getting into all the details, nearly all of them matched my symptoms that I'm supposed to be having as a result of the UC from time to time. So after some quick and dirty research, I went gluten free (to the best of my knowledge) and things quickly turned improved (until I gave in at a keg party...i know, i know). Now i'm back working on the non-gluten effort, and seeing good results in a pretty short turn around. I've just spent the last 2 hours on-line reading about gluten-free menus, restaurants, symptoms, other afflictions with similar symptoms, blah, blah, blah. I realize that there's a ton of info out there, but quite frankly it's freaking overwhelming. Based on my quick improvement after going gluten-free, i think it's safe to assume that I've cut out something in my diet that I shouldn't have been eating...perhaps it's just celiac disease....but then I also read about all these other stories of other diseases/intolerance like proctitis, tenesmus, soy allergy and a lot of it also seems like it could ring true. I'm trying to rule things out here, not rack up more crap to worry about and deal with. Bottom line...what do I do next? If the non-G works for me, I've read I can't get tested for it if I haven't been eating it, so do I have to go back on it? how do I pose this to my Dr.? what about all these other things out there that could also be causing problems? could it be possible I don't even have UC and can stop dropping massive amounts of cash on my meds? are meds part of the problem? ...and it goes on and on. I'm sure that this must have come up on this forum before, and I have found some useful info already, but I just don't have enough time to go through all 86 pages of posts. So I'm looking for some sage advice, or directions to sage advice that has already been provided. Thanks in advance for any help. I gotta go hit the little boys room, and sit there....and have nothing happen...then give up and stand up...then have to sit right back down....you know what I'm talking about.
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