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  1. I'm no doctor and I don't even play one on TV, but I've read that as your intestines heal, they begin to absorb nutrients (calories) and you can gain a little weight or simply maintain. Now don't quote me on that because I can't even remember where I saw it. The other thing that often happens is that newly diagnosed Celiacs discover all of the gluten-free goodies (high carb, high calorie cookies, etc.) out there and go on a free for all in the beginning. I'm guilty of that one. I'd vote for the first theory though. Your villi are just sucking up all of that good nutrient rich food now that they can. ~Anemonegirl
  2. I have had the same problem w/ my bladder. I used to take Prelief and it works! Avoid acidic foods and you will do much better. I don't know if Celiac and Interstitial Bladder have anything in common but I experience them both (gluten sensitivity). Good luck! -AnemoneGirl
  3. Hi there- I'm new to the forum so perhaps this has been asked before. If so, my apologies. When you've been glutened, do you feel like you've been run over by a truck? I do. I literally feel bruised and battered from the inside out. My entire body feels tender, but especially under my armpits and on my torso and back. My glands seem to get swollen too. I will often get a headache. I get bloated too- my ankles swell up and my face. The pain is similar to having the flu but much more pointed and brilliant. Does any of this sound familiar? Thanks- AnemoneGirl
  4. After reading this board for about a month, I thought I'd be able to understand my Enterolab results when they came in. Now I'm not so sure. I *think* my results mean that I'm sensitive to gluten but I don't have celiac's disease (otherwise the Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA would be high, right?). I do not have malabsorbtion either. Here are the results: "Fecal Antigliadin IgA 14 (Normal Range <10 Units) Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 8 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score 44 Units (Normal Range <300 Units)" I don't understand the basic difference between the Antigliadin IgA and the Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA. And how can one be high and one be normal and I still feel so bad when I eat gluten? Does this mean that I just maybe have an allergy? I was gluten free for 3 weeks and then I went on sort of a bender with pizza and cupcakes last saturday and I am still in pain. I do not get the extreme stomach cramping or D, I get what feels like the flu. My whole body feels excruciatingly tender, my glands get swollen and my joints ache. I swell up like a balloon too. Everything hurts. Anyone get this way? Or am I just lucky ;-) Thanks in advance for your help. I am feeling like I am making a big deal out of nothing because of the less than dramatic numbers I received from Enterolab. Doubting myself. But, really, the way I feel when I eat gluten should be enough to convince me there's something going on. Thanks- Anemonegirl
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