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  1. CaptainObvious

    How Does Anyone

    NorTx, I see you live in Dallas....I recently went back to North Dallas to visit my parents, and I found a completely...
  2. CaptainObvious

    I Just Want To See What Happens ?

    I have been gluten-free for about a year and a half (have excaped with just a few mild glutenings early on because I...
  3. CaptainObvious

    Going To St. Thomas, Virgin Islands In May

    I will be going to St. John (also part of the US Virgin Islands) for two weeks this November.....broncobux, how was your...
  4. CaptainObvious

    Strange Question

    You know, I also live about 1/2 mile downwind of a large bakery, and can often smell the lovely scent of fresh bread...
  5. After noticing that the dog food we are feeding one of our dogs is actively advertising (on the bag, in National Geographic...