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  1. i was diagnosed about a year ago, but since going on the diet have not really gotten any better. ive seen countless doctors, nutritionists, and therapists, but no one has really helped me. im wondering if maybe gaining weight would help? i dont know how exactly, but im willing to try anything at this point. im 5'4 and a 102 pounds. any ideas?
  2. ive been wondering the same thing! ive been gluten free for about a year now, and i get the same noises at least for part of every day when i suck in or push out my stomach. it never happened before i was diagnosed. ??
  3. I've been craving pretzels and donuts (both foods i had no interest in before i was diagnosed) for a while now, but haven't found gluten-free ones anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find them or if there are any good brands out there?
  4. i just found out from my nutritionist that mcdonalds, burger king, and wendys fries are ok, but make sure that they're made in a designated fryer without the breaded food.
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