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  1. Thanks. I understand what you are saying about not needing a test beyond feeling better. But I think I would like something more "official," although I recognize that doesn't make much sense. And I had three Bushmill's Irish Whiskey (Black) tonight, and so far, no symptoms. Except for the spinning couch, I mean.
  2. Hi: My son was diagnosed last week based on blood tests. Upon reading about celiac, it hit me that I have many of the symptoms, part of a series of stomach problems over the past few years that are usually attributed to stress, IBS, gastroparysis, or some other thing. But celiac seems to fit. So, I have been gluten free for about 40 hours now, and I feel great. Shockingly great, actually. No more nausea, no more racing to the bathroom before I explode, no more gurgling stomach every time I eat, no more waves of tiredness. So I told my doctor, who ordered blood tests. Some questions: 1) Is it reasonable that I could feel so much better so quickly? A day and a half without gluten and I feel wonderful? Seems a bit too fast to draw any conclusion other than a coincidence. 2) Will the fact that I am going a few days gluten free screw up the blood test? I know not to do it before a biopsy, but what about blood work? 3) Is there one particular marker that is most revealing? That is, I know that they test for numerous antibodies but is there one in particular that is considered most important? 4) If it is positive, should I have the biopsy just to see how much damage has been done? Sort of a baseline, so I can look again in a few years and see if it is healed? 5) Most importantly, if I am positive, can I still drink Irish Whiskey, assuming it is the really good ones like Bushmills, which are triple distilled? Otherwise I have no real reason to live. Thanks, Mitch
  3. I am brand new to celiac, so I can't say I know what I am talking about. But, while the list on the main page does not list any whiskeys, it does say that all distilled liquors are OK. I just moved back to the US from Ireland, and I can not imagine life without Irish whiskey. My favorite, Bushmills, says this on its web page: "Over the years, triple distillation has become the traditional Irish way of distilling whiskey. It's during this process that we find the heart of the spirit which carries the most delicate alcohols. Triple distillation therefore produces a light style of whiskey." So does that mean it is likely safe? And that I therefore have a reason to continue living? I am about to go out for dinner and drinks with the wife; I suppose I will just have to drink heavily and find out! Mitch
  4. Hi Tom: Well, this all came about when he was diagnosed less than a week ago, so he is not on the diet yet (still waiting for his biopsy), and I am not on it either. And I have not tracked what makes me feel ill since this is all so recent, although I did experiment a little bit the last few days and I seem to feel better without gluten. So, for example, Friday and Saturday I had sandwiches for lunch, and within a few hours I was close to vomiting. Today I has just the meat for lunch, and I felt much better. Could all be in my head (in which case it would be very lonely). But until I get blood tests (next week, hopefully) I am going to continue to eat as always. But I wondered if anyone else felt better while eating. Mitch
  5. Hello: I am sorry to bother you with what is likely a stupid question. My son Max, age 5, was diagnosed last week, by blood tests. I have been reading about the disease ever since, and I am starting to suspect that I might have it as well. I have various stomach-related symptoms, and doctors have been looking into numerous possibilities for about a year. But there is one thing that I have not seen mentioned as a symptom of celiac that I have as a symptom: I usually feel better if I start eating again. That is, I usually feel nausea about 2 hours after I eat, but if I then eat a a banana or a piece of cheese it goes away for a few hours. Does anyone else have such symptoms? It doesn't seem to make sense with what little I have learned from my reading. Thanks, Mitch
  6. No Symptoms?

    Thanks. I guess I was hoping to hear that, because he had no symptoms, it was possibly a mistake in the test. But realistically I know that isn't the case. Although I don't have the numbers yet the doctor said that in both of the major blood tests they use, he was very high. Biopsy to be done in a few weeks. Again, thanks. I am sure I will have many questions over the next weeks. Mitch
  7. No Symptoms?

    Hi: I am new here, and a bit overwhelmed. My son Max was diagnosed today, based on blood tests. He is set up for a biopsy in a few weeks, but the doctor said that based on the results of two tests, he had no doubt that it was positive. Max has type I diabetes, so I knew this was a possibility but it is still a shock. But after reading through so many of the posts here, it strikes me that Max has no symptoms. None at all. Is this common? He gets a bit crabby now and again, but he is 5 years old. He eats absolutely everything and has not the slightest physical symptom. How can it be that the blood tests show some impact on his body but he is totally fine eating anything? Does that likely mean we have just caught it early before there was any damage? Does it mean he is just asymptomatic (assuming such a thing exists with celiac). Am I clinging to a pipe dream to hope that the blood work was just screwed up, and maybe the reason he has no symptoms is because he doesn't have celiac? Thanks.
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