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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I thought I'd cheat one day even thou I have felt so much better! Wrong! My Mom has it my daughter has it but my blood work was -. So why not cheat-I got my answer-I got a migraine! No more cheating for me. And my daughter gets very sick if gets any by accident. I think the Dr. is crazy!
  3. Dear Piano Man My daughters skin completely cleared up after being gluten free for a few weeks! Best thing we ever did! Along with alot of other issues she had. We have also like others found out dairy is a problem. Mostly if she gets a milk shake-that sucks for her-however she doesn't like getting sick so she just does her best to live without. To us the diet is so worth it not just because of the skin problems-wish you best of luck! It never hurts to try the diet-you may be surprised. Remember you have to check everything to be 100% gluten free.
  4. I use Pamelas to make my pizza crust and we like it. One day I thought I'd be a nice wife and make two cause my husband likes all the junk on his-of cause I had to pick up another pizza pan. That's when pizza changed for us! I picked up a bakers secret pan to make the loaded pizza and for the first time going gluten free we could cut a pizza in triangles and hold it like before. Sure didn't know a pan would make all that difference!!! Also I poke the pizza crust everywhere with a fork before putting it in the oven. Also I set the yeast mixture on the stove to proof-it just seems to do better. We have had pizza at least once a week since. My Meg even reheats the leftovers to eat. I feel normal again!!!!!!!! Joanie
  5. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you'll be in Arkansas! My Meg and I could see a Dr. that really understands. Study hard! Best of Luck, Joanie
  6. I Thank God for this message board! I glutened my daughter and myself last night. KFC coleslaw! Didn't know. Also because of this message board I found out about McDonalds fries. Thank all of you out there. Joanie
  7. I forgot to say earlier-both my daughters skin problems are completely gone for the last few months. She had ezema and something else and poff they are gone after being on diet a few months. Good luck. Joanie
  8. My 11 year old daughter was horrible with her behavior before going gluten free. So I do understand! It was like she had a bad case of pms since she was born! She doesn't want to eat gluten because it makes her very sick to the point of crying with pain. The funny thing is her friends all wish their Mom would cook like I do! Thank God that does help. I also do keep some things in the house that I wouldn't have before like kisses etc. We are trying to limit the milk products now because they also cause problems. Funny thou she knows which ones don't do well for her. She also has learned how to read labels so that makes her feel smart. Also we cook together. Or sometimes I let her do little things herself. But as for my 20 year old-because scope was - he eats whatever-but his blood was +. He is moody when eats gluten. We have had long talks about this and I am very frank with him about it. Like telling him what it has done to his grandma. At least when he is home he eats gluten free, he lives at home while in college-but you know they are always on the move. as parents all we can do is our best-but always, always keep talking to them in a loving manner. Good Luck, Joanie
  9. New to board. My now 11year old daughter had positive blood tests 2 years ago. PCP said go gluten free no other tests need because of family history. My husband and I both tested -. 3 months later problems started again. sent to pedgi dr. She was horrible to say the least, never went back-went to childrens hospital and back on gluten for scoping which came back -. So off to subway for a wonderful sandwich. Of course this dr did say watch for returning problems and call if needed. Fast forward to this past summer-I had to leave work to take daughter to dr. pain was so severe. The PCP said forget testing and just put her back on the diet. Since because of the board I have learned alot! THANK YOU EVERYONE. Milk is now a problem we are working on. Also I let her have Mcdonald fries and yes the website says they contain wheat which I didn't know and I was making her sick what a nice mom. We are still a work in progress and I have Pain med's for her tummy because of the stupid fries but life is so much better since she is gluten free. I can understand how the woman from " angry boy" must feel. My daughter became a wonderful child after getting of the gluten. Sorry so long. Joanie P.S. Her friends a great about it because they don't like to see her sick. They worry about her and one even had special prepared hot dogs at her b-day party instead of pizza so she could eat. I hugged her.
  10. Hi again. I sent you a message-but seeing this is my first message board I have ever written on I am still not sure I'm doing things right! Just in case you didn't get it-I live in White Hall about 30 minutes south of the rock. I know Anne that does the GIG at wild oates. Supper nice lady. I also did a gluten free cooking demo this past fall for thanksgiving. Never did anything like that before-it was fun. Feel free to e-mail me anytime. Joanie
  11. Hey Heather-I live in Arkansas to. Talked to a manger friend and he said basically nothing is safe except the cokes.
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