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  1. Hello All, Just came back from a doctor's appointment (more aptly put, doctor's 'disappointment'). Like many others, I to was diagnosed with IBS over 20 years ago (as a teen) but like many others was never given any real direction as to changes in diet, lifestyle, etc. thus have continued to tolerate less than optimum health since. Again, like so many others I went on the Atkins diet to lose a few pounds. I could not believe the results. I dropped 20 pounds in 3 months (please keep in mind I was also extremely active, ie. squash, rowing, etc. which clearly added to my expedited weight loss). I managed to keep most of the weight off until just recently when I suffered a form of amnesia (also known as a loss of "knowing better") and started eating all the foods I know are not 'good' for me. The short of my tale is this, I am fairly certain I have Celiac Disease. I am fairly certian my younger brother does as well. Unfortunately, when I brought this up with my physician today, he was quite quick to point out that I would need a scope & biopsy for a conclusive diagnosis and that first I should go gluten-free and see if it changes anything. I told him as he was walking away from me that I have already done so with exemplary results to my overall health and well-being. That was the end of his conversation. Is it fair to assume that this a typical response from most health care profressionals? How necessary is it for me to have a diagnosis of this? Will it make any difference as to how I control the issue? So glad to have found this forum. C
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