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  1. Thanks for your response. Well - test on Friday, so I guess I'll know for sure then. I definitely know / feel at wheat is a problem, but a diagnosis would be good, as otherwise I think I'll struggle to be wHEAT / gluten free. keep you posted! Thanks, Victoria
  2. Hi, Just wondering if my symptoms rings true with any of you as Coeliac. I have autoimmune thyroid problems, so always put some symptoms down to that although being treated - and have recemtly been also diagnosed with Ulcerative proctitis. Anyway: Tiredness / fatigue Terrible memory - feel 'stupid', lose words. Feel low sometimes Some nausea Heartburn Belching and Flatulence Bloating Loose and bleeding stools (proctitis) Gripy tummy Neropathy in hands, arms, feet Obesity Sweating Periodic unexplained skin rashes Boils all over scalp Yellowing of teeth (started about a year AFTER giving up smoking Some hair loss Low Iron, Folate and Vit B12 I think that's more or less it. I don't have these symptoms all the time - they come and go. I definitely think I have an issue with wheat, but whether it's Coeliac or not.. I am having a endoscopy on Friday - the doc wanted to rule out Coelic as a cause of the proctitis as I mentioned to him that I read there was a link. I did have some blood tests done years ago which were negative, but the Doc said the tests I had done were uinreliable. I'm a bit worried about the endoscopy too. Anxious about gagging... Any thoughts gratefully received! Thanks, Victoria
  3. Hi Ursula, Thanks for the info - but too much for my pocket too! I have managed to get an appoitnment with my GP later this morning. I am going to see if he will let me have the blood test and if so eat gluten today and have the test tomorrow in the hope that the anti-bodies (if I have any) will still be in my system. Only gluten-free in part since last Mondy as actually ate Gluten on Friday - Maybe it will still show up. If it doesn't, I will take no notice and carry on with Gluten free anyway. I'll keep you posted! Thanks, Victoria
  4. Hi Ursula, Thanks again for your message. I think the only reason that I would want a diagnosis is so that people around me don't think I am just being faddy and exaggerating the symptoms. I spent so long being ill before finally getting a thyroid diagnosis with people and doctors suggesting I was just depressed, it was all in my head and there really wasn't anything wrong with me. I really don't want that reaction again - it make you seriously doubt your mental health. Having said that, a month back on the gluten before doing a test (have i got that right - is that what you suggest?) seems like a major task - and not one I am not sure I can cope with. Thanks, Victoria
  5. Thanks to both of you for your helpful replies! I am going to keep at it. And try to eat healthily. I went to the supermarket today and saw some gluten free foods, but to be honest they didn't really appeal. I think i would rather go without than eat a poor version of my favourites! I did come away with a gluten free pizza base - so my keep that for a treat sometime. I am now trying to decide whether to bother asking my GP for a test - as this will mean going back on the gluten and feeling unwell. What do you think - should I start eating again and do as soon as possible? I have only be gluten free for a week so how long would I need to be back on it in order to avoid a false neghative blood test??? Thanks again...
  6. Hello, I am new here. I have always suspected that I have a problem with wheat but never given it up as had MAJOR CRAVINGS for it. I could literally eat nothing but bread, and be happy - even though I feel dreadful afterwards. Sleepy, irritable, bloated. I alsn have really bad flatulence, nausea, bloating aches and pains, frequent and loose stools etc. I also have autoimmune thyroid issues for which I am taking Armour Thyroid. The Armour is helping me loads and as I get better, the digestive symptoms have become more apparent. I have realised that the bloating etc is much worse after eating whole grains, than refined flour products, and recently read that the gluten content is higher in whole grains. This is when I started to wonder whether it was gluten and not wheat that was causing the problem. I am also nearly 90 pounds overweight, which has steadily been going on since the start of my thyroid problems and continued after i had radio active iodine treatment which left me severely hypothyroid. I cannot shift this weight whatever I do. I finally deceided that enough is enough and that I would give the gluten free diet a go. I started a week ago and was doing well. I was dreading giving up bread etc, but it actually hasn't been too bad at all. I think I have made the switch in my mind, which I couldn't manage to do before. Anyway, on Friday night I was up all night with terrible stomach cramps, bloating, nausea, very loose stools etc. Didn't get any sleep - not pleasant at all. Yesterday I realised that the corn chips I ate on Friday evening actually contaned wheatflour. My question is would my body have cleared the gluten so quickly to cause such a bad reaction upon the re-introduction of the gluten? I am not sure whether it is this, or whether I just ate something dodgy, unrelated to the gluten? The reaction was far worse than any I have experienced before. I definitely want to continue with gluten-free. Already I notice that my cravings are less and that I don't seem to be thinking much about food at all - which is unlike me! Also do you think this might help with weight loss? Sorry for such a long post - and thanks for any advice! Victoria
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