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  1. hi everyone just wanted to let you all know that although this restaurant (The trilogy wine bar in boulder, co) includes itself on the gluten-free restaurant list for boulder, co that both the management and wait-staff are completely uniformed and incompetant and have no idea what it actually means to serve gluten-free food. they claim that one of the owners has a gluten intolerance but still eats gluten although she breaks out in rashes???? just be safe and dont give them any business...trust me its not worth it. i both called ahead and looked them up on the list and still got sick after asking them to accomodate me. thats what really gets me...i had them check on a dish and later they told me they had made a mistake and that what they claimed to be pure soy (wheat free tamari) was actually a wheat based soy. needless to say it ruined my night. dont go there!!!!!!!!! jh
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