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  1. hi i havent had a general dr since i was diagonsed with celiac disease. i left my last one b/c they didn't believe i had it and thought it was in my head. i have two questions, anyone have a good general dr with a celiac understanding the jersey shore are? and the second is do i need to have a specialist and a general dr or can a general practioner be able to handle the issues related with celiac disease? any suggestions or advice appreciated.
  2. thanks. i found two recipes on the foodnetwork that seem fairly simple and will prolly look into cookbooks and finding other ingredients so i can actually bake stuff.
  3. hi i havent been on the board in a while but today my mum brought home a bag of soy flour she found at a food store. i have not a clue what to do with it or any recipes so i came on here looking for some hints or recipes. any ideas? she suggested i simply substitue it for regular flour but i dont know if thats a good idea since they have different properties. i also tried searching the board but it kept giving me error messages so if there is already a post on this just point me in that direction.
  4. sorry everyone, i haven't been on the board in a while, ive been very busy. the restaurant i go to is called fins. they have two locations, one in brick and one in bradley beach. i haven't asked specifically if their food is gluten free, but did ask about corn vs flour tortillas. i know i should ask about everything, but the food is made fresh and i stick with foods i know are usually gluten free. i have had no reactions to their food, but i have only had a few items off of the menu. i also don't have any other food allergies and tend to not be as sensative as some others, although i do react to minor amounts (like soy sauce used in a sauce that has gluten in it). the owner/managers are very friendly so i think they would be fine with any questions that you guys may ask. the first time i went there and when ordering i asked about the food containing flour and they answered my questions without any problems. maybe they might come up with a gluten-free menu if we ask enough questions? good luck and happy eating.
  5. i found that store in spring lake not that long ago and the prodcuts are really great. i eat out a lot and have had success at some restaurants over others. i go to a small local mexican restaurant and get corn tortillas and have never gotten sick. the only gluten on their menu is flour tortillas or fried ice cream so cross contamination risk is very low. there is also a restaurant called ciao baby in brick NJ. they are very understanding, in fact the wait staff knows what you are talking about and i always get great food there that is gluten free, including mashed potatos. most restaurants are not safe though and it is getting really tricky.
  6. first of all, im new to the board (you may see i posted a few times tonight in other topics). so if this is a repeat just let me know. i was wondering if there is a list posted anywhere of safe restaurants. i see post for a number of individual restaurants but haven't found a list of all restaurants that are safe. if it helps i live in central NJ. im fairly new to the gluten-free thing, its been three years but i don't know anyone else with it so im trying to learn on my own how to be safe while eating out. ive found some restaurants are helpful but was really upset tonight when i learned a restaurant i have been going to (applebees) has lied to me several times and ive been eating gluten filled food. i try not to cheat and eat gluten when i go out but its so hard to avoid i feel like its impossible. thanks for any advice and helpful information.
  7. so i am really confused about the whole drinking thing. i usually only drink bacardi rum or wine cause that's all i know is safe. i thought that vodka was a big no-no cause it was made from grains. so if i get grey goose i can have vodka? is there a comprehensive list anywhere? i try to look things up but most websites don't list if its safe and i can never keep track of what i can and can not drink once i am in a bar. i know i can not drink mike's hard lemonade or smirnoff ice type drinks because those are actually what ticked me off that i had some sort of food allergy b/c i got so sick from them.
  8. does anyone know about their fries? sometimes i get those with my taco salad and i never really thought about them having gluten until recently. i was also disappointed when they changed the taco salad cause i liked the corn chips and salsa. i have to give them credit for being so gluten sensative though. its the only fast-food i eat on a regular basis.
  9. i ate a salad there once but it was a while ago, and i have a feeling the information they gave me wasn't 100% correct. i was also sad to find out that i can no longer have their fries. but then again who wants fries that have diary, gluten, and meat products added to them.
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