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  1. I am in the oklahoma city area and looking for a celiac doctor. Also does anyone have any recommendations for a gastro doctor either? Thanks so much
  2. Does any body know if In and Out is ok to eat at. Do they have a gluten free menu? And what do you guys order when you eat there? Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks for the help I hate the elimination diet I've tried it before and then failed. I know though that I need to stick with it it's just so hard with family gatherings and everything. I'm going to stop complaining and give it another try though. thanks for the suggestions!!!!!!!
  4. I am going to Arizona to visit a friend and wondering if anyone knows of any restraunt's that have a gluten free menu there? I will be in the Tuscon area are there any good health food stores around there? Oh does anyone know if In and Out( I think it is a hamburger place) has gluten free items? This is my first traveling experience gluten free so a little nervous about it all.
  5. I have been gluten free for a little over a year now but am still having a lot of pain after I eat. I am also suffering from severe constipation and major bloating which is aweful for the self asteem. I have been taking probiotics and digestive enzymes but they don't seem to be helping much. Does anybody have any advice for me? How do I repair my intestinal lining and what should I be taking? Also what helps calm down your intestines if you have been glutened by accident? Ok obviously I need a lot of help!!!
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