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  1. my friend has been suffering for3 years with gastroperesis and ensuing depression and anxiety. I told her about my recent experience going gluten and dairy free, how good I feel. She says they did a blood test on her in the beginning of her disease and it was negative. I don't know, I think there is a connection. She has cream of wheat for two meals every day. any thought??? cf
  2. Hi, in response to your vitamin question. I went to Wild Oats which I am sorry to say is closing in West Omaha. The store nutritionist recommended Pioneer brand 1 Plus Vitamins Mineral. She told me these have excellent absorbability (word?) for people with gluten intolerance. They are a bit pricey but I feel safe and confident knowing they came recommended by a nutritionist with the disease herself. I was instructed to take 2 a day for a month, then cut down to one a day. not much missing in this vitamin!! I hav never been a vitamin person until this disease. I am active physically and this vitamin also boasts "increased nutritional needs for high-stress lifestyle, sports and fitness. I did have a pharmacist call One a Day for their "Active Complete" vitamin. they claimed they don't put gluten in that vitamin but cannot guarantee cross contamination does not occur in factory. Something to consider for all name brand vitamins. Cut these in half, maybe you could swallow them or even in thirds?? cf
  3. Hi, I'm really new at this, like 10 minutes new, so I hope I'm doing this right. Does anyone know if Zatarain's rices (any flavor) are gluten free?? also, new topic, (oops) I was a dairyholic, 3 glasses or more of skim milk a day 1 yogurt daily, lite vanilla ice cream too!!! Well, I had to lay off dairy along with gluten, I replaced my milk consumption with Skim silksoy milk and yogurts. A friend recently directed me to a web site that warned of the dangers of Soy, breast cancer, ect... another friend told me soy was 15 times more acidic than orange juice?? any comments? thanks cindyf
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