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  1. Not necessarily true, I definetly trust my Mom and my Sister when they cook for me. My mom will even call companies to double check that their items are gluten free. My sister will look up every ingredient she is using on the net or find gluten-free recipes online to make for me (she even makes me cakes, bread, pasta, etc...) But I can see how it can be hard to trust anyone but yourself in food preparation...
  2. Hi, I went on Holland America cruise to Alaska about 3 years ago. Prior to going I contacted the cooking staff and spoke with the chef. They were able to purchase Gluten Free items for me and even made me special gluten-free meals daily. Now the food itself wasn't the greatest, but they did go through a lot of effort to accommodate me. They even made me a gluten-free pizza for one meal. Just make sure you contact the cruiseline ahead of time.
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