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  1. Wow...those really do sound tasty!!! I bet my kidos would love them. Im finding so many great ideas here
  2. My firstborn was very very ill and we had no idea at the time what it was....we had never heard of this disease. But there was NO denying that he was ill and my husband could see for himself and even pushed me to take him to doctors. Then when my third came along it was not so obvious because she was so much younger. DH thought mabe I was looking for things that werent there. Then she had a biopsy come back negative and of coarse he thought he was right. Well she didnt improve at all and I was at aloss for what to do because I had no support from hubby or her ped. Thankfully ped retired and a new young ped took over and the first thing he said about my 1.5 yr old daughter was that she looked like a celiac child. I couldnt beleive it! Back to the specialist we went put, her on the diet and the improvements were amazing! She is now 8 yrs old and dh is in total agreement of her celiac. I am a firm beleiver that a child needs BOTH of their parents but sometimes you have to stick to your gut instinct even when you have no support. Hoping he will come around. If he is interested try to get him information to educate him on what you know. Sometimes I find DH needs more than just hearing "my opinion". Just some thoughts.....
  3. Wow......

    I just cant stop reading all these posts! I have had 2 children on a gluten free diet for about 10 yrs now and I just wish I would have had a place like this to come to a long time ago! I think this will be a very helpful place and I am looking forward to reading many many more posts
  4. Sorry to pester but i'll never know if i dont ask ...right? I was wondering if the symptoms I have described are similar to any your babies have had. I have heard that they are similar to a milk intolerance. Thanks again for your responses.
  5. Thank you for your responses so far. After I posted here my baby had a bowl movement that came out like mucous. Looked like someone wiped there nose in his diaper actually . I phoned the celiac assosiation in ontario and they flat out told me gluten does not pass thru the breastmilk. Mabe it doesnt ....i dont know but i would wonder how everything else does . So I am debating cutting out milk for his poor sake. I just wish it wasnt always so hard to figure out
  6. I think its wonderful and am sharing your excitment!!!!!
  7. Hi, I am new here. I am a mom to 5 wonderful children 2 of wich are celiac. My oldest 11 was diagnosed at 2, my third is now 8 and was diagnosed about 1.5 yr. My fourth baby was kept gluten-free until about 3 yrs old simply to let him thrive .....then i slowly introduced gluten into his diet....he will be 5 in feb and so far he is doing wonderfully. My question is this.....I have just recently had another baby....he is almost 3 months old and I am wondering about gluten passing thru my breastmilk. I did not abstain from gluten with any other babies but am curious to know any thoughts on this subject. He has been mucuosy from about 2 weeks on at times throwing up....we have had 2 colds pass thru our home so it may just be that ....but once youve gone thru other children with celiac it is hard not to see it everywhere and not be on "the lookout". From what I understand the medical comminity is not certain this is an issue......so any moms with thoughts on this I would love to hear. Thanks so much!
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