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  1. Since going gluten-free 6 months ago, I've been on a similar rollercoaster ride. I sporadically get really dizzy and anxious. When I feel like this I just can't think right. Trouble focusing, cloudiness, etc. The medicine head description is perfect. My GI issues have also improved. I've been trying to make a correlation between my episodes and diet. My guess is that it is other food allergies or maybe preservatives, but I'm still lost.
  2. I'm trying to figure out what I can eat. So far, I think I have problems with gluten, corn, rice, tomatoes, dairy and artichokes. What else is out there that can provide enough nutrients to keep me going? What is this diet that has you feeling so good?
  3. Hi. I just found out that I'm gluten intolerant (I'm not sure if I'm a celiac yet) about 3 weeks ago. I haven't intentionally eaten anything with gluten, but I've made a few mistakes. Anyway, since my senior year in college I began to develop a gut. It slowly got bigger over the past ten years. It wouldn't noticeably change throughout the course of the day. My pot belly would just always be there. I never understood it because I'm really pretty skinny everywhere else. I tried to watch my diet and exercise but I never saw the slightest bit of improvement. However, since going gluten/glucose free for 3 weeks and taking L-Glutamine for 1 week, I've seen impressive results. I can actually see the abs that I worked so hard for but never new existed. The biggest results showed up since I've started with the L-Glutamine.
  4. It is hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure it is bloat. However, I really never notice a big change day to day. For me, it has been slowly but gradually getting bigger since college. I understand that this is not an unusual pattern for guys. I just think it may be bloat because of the way it looks. My belly reminds me of a stomach that belongs to an unfortunate starvation victim from a third world country. I guess time will tell.
  5. Hello, I'm 32 now and have recently been diagnosed with Celiac. Ever since I can remember, I've been dealing with typical symptoms of the disease, but I just thought my stomach was really sensitive. However, this past year was tough and I realized I had something serious that I needed to deal with. I'm just relieved to find out what it is. Anyway, my questions concerns my bloated stomach or "pot belly". I've always been skinny, but about 10 years again I began to get a gut. I couldn't understand it because everything else on me is skinny. I went nuts with different ab workouts without seeing any results. If I remain gluten free, can I expect to see my stomach to slowly flatten? Any idea how long it might take? Or did I do too much damage over the years?
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